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So, here comes the time of the interview that can change your life! What things should you remember when passing the interview?

Try to come to a meeting just before the appointed time. It is better to wait for 10 minutes in the waiting room, than the employer will wait for you for half a minute. Being late for an appointment even if this happened beyond your circumstances, can negate any hope of getting a job in this company in 99%.

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If there is still such a situation and you feel that you are late for the appointed time,call and apologize explaining the reason for your delay and find out whether the employer can take you on the same day or later.

When you decided not to go for an interview (decided not to work in this company, you have other urgent matters, etc.), be sure to call the employer and apologizethat you have violated his/her plans. Let a good impression about you won’t be spoiled!

When you enter the office, be sure to say hello, ask to report about you to the person with whom you have scheduled an interview. If you are asked to waita bit, do not resent and take it as disrespect. Be patient and do not lose a sense of goodwill.

Turn off your cell phone in advance, so that nothing can disturb your conversation.

Coming into the office, say hello and refer to the person by his/her name. Don’t forget to smile. Say that you were very pleased to get an invitation to the interview in this company. This way you will be able to pre-arrange positive attitude of your interlocutor.

Take your place so as to face your interlocutor. Move the chair if it is necessary. Do not cross your legs under the chair, do not draw them; do not fumble your hands nervously.

Listen carefully to the questions looking into the face of the interlocutor. Begin to respond only when you realize what you are asked. If the question is not quite clear, then, ask to repeat it.

While responding to a question, try not to speak more than 2-3 minutes. This time is quite enough to cover the most important information on the most difficult issue. Short answers “yes” and “no,” a soft voice will create an impression of your self-doubt, inability to explain your point of view.

If you are asked to tell about yourself, you should not indulge in lengthy conversations about your autobiography. Especially unacceptable is the answerthat you have already written about this in your resume. Tell about your education, experience. This will demonstrate your skills and qualities.

At the interview you will have the opportunity to ask those questions that you have prepared in advance, and those which arose in the course of the conversation.

If you are interested in career prospects, it is important to be able to ask this question correctly. Keep in mind that you are invited to the company for a specific job, to solve certain tasks. Not all positions provide career growth. Nevertheless, it is appropriate to ask the employer whether they practice staff turnover in the company, are there any prospects for your position and what is necessary for this(additional training, some courses, experience or something else). Find out what training programs or staff development exist in the company. Then you'll have a look of a serious and purposeful person. And this is another plus in your favor.

Say goodbye at the end and thank for giving you the opportunity to have an interview in this companyregardless of their final decision.