Last year I found myself laid-off just weeks after my boyfriend lost his job. Being unemployed together at the start of summer certainly had its perks; that early June day when I came home with my belongings in a box and a few tears in my eyes, Paul decided we should head to Disney World on a whim (I was living in South Florida at the time). The very next morning, I booked us a free hotel suite using frequent stay points from previous business trips, and we drove the 2.5 hours for a two-day adventure in possibly the best place in the world to be when you want to forget your troubles.

Disney World

Then, we came home. Reality set in, and so did the mild dose of depression built into any severance package. I decided that I would take a month off to focus on the things that I truly love–writing, reading, lots of yoga–and then I would get serious about finding a new job. From that month came many wonderful things. I toned some of the muscles that haven't been worked out since high school, got around to reading some books that I had been meaning to (such as Eat, Pray, Love, and Wicked), and spent some much needed time with my family and friends in Pennsylvania.

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When this month ended I knew what I had to do: find a job, and cut expenses. Cutting expenses was nothing new to me; I have always enjoyed finding ways to save more money. But now I needed to pull out my trump card to keep my hard-earned savings account from bleeding dry. I turned to the web and found blogs from women who really took being frugal to a whole different level. With a lot of extra time on my hands, I dove right in and learned many of these strategies.

I'd like to share one of these with you today: the Drugstore Game. Intrigued?