There’s never a dull moment for a father with a young son, and every day there seems to be a new reason to laugh – especially when they start to find their voice! Yes, being a father requires a great sense of humour, but it’s often the little things about raising a son that make you smile the most.

The first year of fatherhood is packed with these moments, as even before your son can talk and walk, he’s capable of doing things that will make you chuckle. Whether that’s giving you his first big smile that turns out to be wind, screaming the house down when your mother-in-law picks him up or, even better, being sick down your partner’s back in public, small babies never stop coming up with new ways to raise a giggle, as well as a few embarrassed blushes.

However, the fun really begins when your son’s personality begins to develop, and nothing can match the delight of making your son do a big, infectious belly laugh through a game of peek-a-boo. Hearing them try to say their first words can be as funny as it is exciting too, particularly when they get it wrong and call their mother ‘dada’ – although she might not find it quite so comical.

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Outrageous Outbursts

Speaking of your son’s first words, it’s sometimes funny (as well as cute!) to hear their efforts of pronouncing words like ‘banana’ and ‘giraffe’, and you might find that once your little boy begins to talk, he just doesn’t stop! As any father will tell you, be ready for some amusing outbursts in the middle of the supermarket, and be mindful of the words that you and your friends use around him. Trust us, you never know quite what they’ll repeat next.

Like a lot of dads, as soon as your son begins to walk, you’re going to want to teach him how to kick a football, but as you’ll soon learn it’s a rocky road from those first primitive steps to the Premiership. Prepare yourself for a few trips, falls and scuffed knees, but don’t forget to keep the video camera handy so that you can re-live those funny moments once the tears are mopped, and the plasters have been applied.

So whether this is your first Father’s Day, or just one of many that you’re celebrating with your son, don’t forget to think about the funny moments that make being a dad the best job in the world. Make sure you take the time to share a smile with your own dad too – after all, he deserves it – and treat him to wonderful Father’s Day gifts from the greetings card specialist Hallmark.