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New moms have lots of new nightmares – what if the baby hits his head? What if the baby doesn’t get enough tummy time? What if the baby doesn’t develop as fast as he should? With all these new worries, new moms often won’t stop to consider the cost of raising a child, and even the most frugal women can turn into spendaholic new moms.

Shop around

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Don’t be satisfied that your main grocery store is the cheapest. Look through sales papers and shop around for the best prices on fresh produce and meats. Avoid packaged goods as much as possible – they usually contain lots of sugar and few nutritious ingredients.

Get that debt under control

If you had debt before becoming a new mom, or are now find yourself spending too much for your maternity leave income, your debt payments are might be unmanageable. Instead of giving up, or adding it to your list of worries, look into consolidation loans to make your payments easier to manage, letting you focus more time on your new baby.

Buy used

A lot of times, you’ll hear fashionistas tell you they picked up their cool clothes at a thrift store. Aside from the occasional Halloween costume though, most people don’t shop at thrift stores. This is pretty unfortunate, especially for new moms. Children grow really quickly and a lot of stuff at used clothing stores is in pretty good condition for only a fraction of the price as new.

Make friends

Every mom needs mom friends. Having a trustworthy person you exchange babysitting duties with every once and a while can go a long way towards saving money on baby-sitting costs. If your mom friends have kids that are slightly older than your own, you might be able to trade your time babysitting for her kid’s hand-me-down clothes.

Raising kids is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as it needs to be. You can save money by comparison shopping, getting your debt under control, buying used and making friends with other moms. An added bonus to making new friends is that you can all exchange more cost-cutting tips together.

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