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33 Fun Things to Do with Your Family At Home (Family Bonding Activities!)

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Cheap and fun things to do with your family at home. Great family bonding activities for adults and kids to engage with each other.

What activities do you enjoy engaging in as a family? With parents spending just an average of 37 minutes of quality time with kids each week day, this is a great question to be asking.

family with father and kids on the ground playing airplane, text overlay "family activities at home create memories - 33 ideas, many are free"

As an adult, I occasionally daydream back through memories of family bonding activities from my childhood.

Like playing badminton with my father in the late evening, with the playful flicker of lightning bugs all around us.

Or diving in our swimming pool one last time before sitting out in the grass to eat Mom’s strawberry shortcake.

Or rounds of family Scrabble during our vacations in Ocean City, MD, when our parents were not busied by jobs and everyday chores.

It’s not nostalgia for Nintendo, Gameboy, or TGIF-Friday-night shows that puts a smile on my face; it’s the more homegrown fun we had as a family.

These inexpensive and fun things to do as a family I'm about to share with you are not only good for the wallet; they're good for your kid's souls.

Bonus tip: On days when you don't know what you should do with your family, pick out 5 or so ideas from below, and then rotate which family member gets to pick from that curated list of yours.

Things to Do with Your Family At Home

Ever wake up on a weekend and wondered “what should my family do today…WITHOUT us having to leave home?

Don't worry — I've got you covered.

This list of things families do together at home is your go-to resource for finding cheap, memorable family activities and quality time.

1. Host a Family Car Show in Your Garage

One of the most fun times we've had with our little one to date was when we got large boxes, paper plates, and some paint, and created cars.

With your own family, save up supplies in the garage. Then, surprise them with an invite to a family car show.

Set a timer for 1 hour or 30 minutes (depends on the age of your kids), and task each person with creating the greatest car box that they can.

Load some fun, family-friendly, music, and have everyone “drive” their cars around the living room, garage, or driveway for the car show.

You'll need:

  • Large boxes
  • Paper plates
  • Paint/crayons
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors

2. Make Homemade Creepy Crawlers

I was a creepy-crawler kid.

Forget about an Easy Bake Oven; I wanted my oven to make spindly and rubbery creatures of all sorts.

Here's a recipe for homemade creepy crawlers that you don’t need to bake. Or, this kit comes with bug molds you can use to create some creepy bugs.

3. Play a Round of Pudding Pictionary

Pudding Pictionary is such a fun game (for any age)!

We played it with our 2-year-old (yes…lots of the pudding ended up in his mouth and on his face…but he also actually attempted to draw the items!).

And to be honest? This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do as a family at home.

We just whipped up a batch of chocolate pudding (you can buy some pudding packs from the store, too), used a large piece of poster (you can use plates or just about anything that won't soak right through), and printed out some free pictionary cards.

4. Hold a Pantry-Cooking Competition (2-Night Event)

Divide your family into two teams. One team gets to root through the cupboards and pantry to cook a complete meal on Friday night, and the other gets to do it for Saturday night. Choose how you guys will pick the winning team.

Here are some free Iron Chef printables you can adapt for this (just write in “Family” before “Date Night”. Voila!).

5. Do a Family Murder Mystery Game Night

Here are 9 free murder mysteries you and your family can have fun with (all free!).

Pssst: you'll also want to check out my 100 family fun night ideas at home to help create fun family nights together!

6. Set Up a DIY Escape Room

My husband and I did our first escape room two years ago, and we're kinda hooked. They're not only great for couples, but provide a really great engaging experience for families, too.

A few to consider:

7. Hold a Family Tournament Night

family with father and two kids playing board game together as family bonding activity

Forget about family board game nights; instead, hold a family tournament night.

This includes playing at least 3 rounds of a particular game — any one you have on hand. You can also use this simple, free 10 X 10 Board Game Challenge tracker.

Hint: If it's summertime? Take your board game or ping-pong table OUTSIDE for the tournament. When the sun goes down, light a fire in your fire pit and keep going.

8. Play Glow-in-the-Dark Volleyball Out Back

Wow, glow-in-the-dark volleyball? This adds a whole new level of fun to that volleyball net that's sitting in the garage.

9. Give Each Other Manis and Pedis

Play spa-at-home and let everyone take turns doing the manicures and pedicures, and then receiving them. Great way to use up all those beauty supplies you've got hanging around.

Bonus: kids get to choose what color goes on Mom!

10. Pass Down a Family Cooking Lesson

Teach your children how to cook a favorite meal of yours, or cook something that takes hours and is only meant for special occasions.

Is your grandmother, an aunt, your mother, etc. around you? Invite them over. They'll cherish getting to teach another generation an important recipe in the family.

Recipes I've learned from my own grandmother over a few afternoons include her cream roll, Hungarian Pigs in a Blanket, and her famous cherry cheesecake. 

11. Force Bulbs Inside

Last winter, I took the time to force bulbs in our home. I can’t describe to you the pleasure of smelling sweet, fresh, hyacinths in our kitchen.

Plus, it was really exciting to watch the bulbs first grow roots, then breakout into stalks, and finally produce lovely little flowers.

We happened to have a gorgeous piece of pottery that our aunt gave to us as a gift, and smooth river rocks leftover from our fish tank, so we only needed to spend less than $10 on bulbs.

forcing bulbs

You can use any container you’d like. Get the kids to help you gather rocks from outside (or from your landscaping — I used some Mexican River Pebbles from our bamboo area).

12. Make Cake Pops

Have I mentioned my love affair with cake pops?

It began about two years ago when I first stumbled upon this woman’s blog. I even found a deal on a social-buying website for half off a great cake pops class that I took with my friend Helen.

The great thing about making cake pops is that the ingredients are super cheap (lollipop sticks can be found on Amazon.com or in your local craft store). You can also make several cake batter batches and freeze them in single-size bags to make cake pops throughout the rest of the year.

13. Turn Off the TV and Tell Ghost Stories

My Aunt and Uncle got us the series “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” which I still treasure today. In the wintertime, as nighttime creeps in earlier and earlier, take advantage of the dark.

Turn off the t.v., light some candles (or give your kids glow sticks to use), and share some of your own ghost stories from childhood (or make one up as you go).

Bonus tip: You could also use the list as a way to reward your child for a good report card (especially if you don't want to splurge on taking the whole family out to dinner).

At Home Activities for Family — in Your Backyard

We are all about the family dates in our household. And cheap ones that get us outside of our house and into our backyard?

Well, those are even better.

Some cheap at home activities for family in your backyard:

1. Roast Dinner on a Stick in the Backyard

What kid doesn't like to roast things on sticks (or adult, for that matter)?

Make a campfire and let the kids roast dinner on a stick. Have your kids hunt for their own sticks. Try wrapping sausage or hot dogs in crescent rolls and piercing your stick into it, roasting apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, making bannock, or kebabs.

Whittle away the hours with ghost stories.

My favorite Kid/Teen-friendly ghost story books is Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series — we cherished these as kids (though be warned, they're quirky and scary!).

Hint: After you're done roasting your food? Check out these awesome magic fire packets that turn your fire different colors! I got these for my husband, and we've loved throwing them into our fire pit out back. The color lasts surprisingly long.

2. Take Dinner Outside in Your Backyard

I can't tell you how simple, but effective this one is.

Simply using your picnic table, or your folding table in the garage (here's the one we bought for yard eating) and loading it with tonight's dinner buffet-style will change your entire evening with the kids.

3. Camp Out in Your Backyard (Or Just Let the Kiddos)

My sister, brother and I used to love to doing this! Pitch your tent in the backyard, load it up with sleeping bags, books to read, flashlights, snacks, etc. And let the kids (and you guys, too) all sleep under the stars. Beware of any timed sprinklers!

4. Take a Yoga or Meditation Routine Outdoors

It might completely change your practice by changing locations to your backyard, in the middle of a park, on the beach, etc. You might even be able to find a group that offers this so that you won’t be alone. Here in Houston, Discovery Green offers free yoga outdoors on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m and Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m, while Meditations are on Mondays at 12:00 p.m .

Pssst: you'll definitely want to check out my backyard summer activities for kids for more ideas on how to use your outdoor space with kids.

5. Hunt for Four-Leaf Clovers

Four-leaf clovers are caused by a mutation on a normal, three-leaf clover plant. This mutation typically occurs once in every 10,000 clovers, which means this could either be the best activity to keep your kids busy ever, or a very discouraging one.

There are some plants who imitate true clovers, but you can tell that you have found a legitimate four-leaf clover if the fourth leaf is smaller than the others.

If you're lucky enough to find one, press it for keeping or make yourself a charm by drying it and placing it in a clear charm holder from a craft store.

After the kids have looked, looked, and looked some more? Offer them a pot of gold at the end of their long journey by making a copycat version of McDonald’s Shamrock milkshake.

Spring Cartoon

Cartoon courtesy of Cartoon Resource – Office Cartoons.

6. Play Glow-in-the-Dark Freeze Tag

(From Woman’s Day, April Issue)

Buy tubes of glow-in-the-dark sticks and let your kids run around in the backyard at night. Try a game of nighttime freeze tag!

7. Do Backyard Paintball

Ever notice how cheap water guns are? Purchase one each for every member in your family (here's a six pack), and then dye the water a different color for each member. Fill up the water guns, put on old clothing, and play a game of “paintball” in your backyard.

8. Have a Night Under the Stars

Buy a map of the stars you can see with your naked eyes (here's a guide you can use), and grab a blanket.

Check out which summer nights will have star events on the MeteorBlog.

For even more fun, pitch your tent and camp out.

9. Do Friday Night Sparklers (When it's NOT July 4th)

Or Tuesday night sparklers…or Sunday night sparklers. Who said sparklers were just for once a year on July 4th? Sparklers are inexpensive, and will light up your child’s face.

10. Make a Set of Family Scarecrows

Got some old clothes you haven’t donated yet?

Get each family member to pick out an outfit (long sleeved shirt and pants) and purchase one or two bails of straw from a local farmer or feed store.

Stuff the shirt and pants with straw, tuck in the shirt, and use either the cut bailer twine or a belt to cinch the shirt and pants together. Fill an old pillowcase up with straw and use markers to make a face (secure into a face-like shape with a rubber band), or use a pumpkin for the head.

Use an old fence post or other scrap of long wood to stake each member up and display in your front yard!

11. Make Peanut Butter Bird Feeders

Visit a local park or go on a walk and collect pine cones. When you get home, slather the pine cones in peanut butter, then roll each in birdseed (hint: if you are in Houston, the cheapest wild bird seed I have found is at Kroger’s). Tie to a tree with a piece of string.

12. Carve Fruits

Why just carve a pumpkin when you can carve Halloween designs onto fruit and even vegetables to add some festivity all month long?

Who knows, maybe your children will be more apt to eat fruits and vegetables after they have worked on them. It would also be super cute and thoughtful to carve a piece of fruit that you stick in your children’s lunchbox as a surprise.

Here are some free templates you can print out (obviously the large ones will not work on a pear or apple).

What Activities Do You Enjoy Engaging in as a Family (in Your Neighborhood)?

If your family is looking for things to do at home when bored, then don't forget to include your neighborhood. I think it's fair-game, since you won't need to get into a car, and it takes place outside.

Check out these fun neighborhood activity ideas!

1. Complete a Family Run/Walk Charity Challenge Around Your Neighborhood

Choose a cause you want to donate to, and the length of walking/running you and your family want to do around your street or neighborhood.

Work together to gather donations from family and friends.

Pick a date, get it done (you can FB-Live you guys completing it), and make the donation!

Pssst: here's a bunch of other ways to volunteer from home with your kids.

2. Start a Family Walk Collection

The idea with this is to have a collective goal to bring your family together.

This family goes on walks and collects change to donate to charities.

If you live near the ocean or water of any kind, purchase a fish net to hang on your wall (perhaps in your family room) and go on walks to gather things to nestle into the netting, such as shells, driftwood, etc.

Collect neat-looking stones and look them up on the internet.

3. Go Treasure Hunting

Grab a compass, and try out Letterboxing, or borrow someone’s metal detector and take it outback with your kids.

4. Go on Pokemon Go Walks

Have you heard of Pokemon Go? It's fun to pair a walk in your local park with this free game — this is definitely a long walk the kids will want to be part of.

Just download the free app on your phone, and get going!

5. Go On a “Little Free Library” Crawl

Each family member pick out books they are finished with, and then research your local Free Little Libraries.

Decide to hit up 3 of them, and deposit a book for each book that you take.

Bonus: Many of these are actually in parks or outdoor green spaces, giving you an excellent reason to go outside in your area and explore a bit!

6. Drive by a Haunted Location and Share Mysterious Local Folklore

There used to be a gang near our farm that allegedly stole farming equipment and diesel fuel during the night (they are the reason why my grandfather always made sure the equipment found its way to the shed at the end of the day).

I didn’t know anything about this gang or other mysteries surrounding their lives until our tennis practice was cancelled one rainy autumn morning. My sister was my transportation, and she decided that instead of going straight home she would drive me and her friend down this creepy, wooded path to where this gang used to live.

She told us the tidbits she knew, and how there might be a body buried on the very ground we were driving over.

It was so spooky! I don’t know what is or is not true of everything that was said, but the memory remains with me. You can find out about folklore and alleged hauntings in your own area by doing a search, asking around, or visiting your local library.

Who knows what you might find. Also…how fun would it be to check out a kid's scary audiobook and listen to it on the way?

7. Go to the Park

Paul and I had a sleepover for two of our nieces this past weekend and we took them to see ducks, turtles (we spotted almost 20!), the Japanese gardens and koi fish all for free at the Hermann Memorial Park.

We even showed them the huge gemstone geodes and the dinosaur skeleton in the lobby of the Houston Museum of Natural Science while Paul picked up the car. Parks are a wonderful way to enjoy time with children and adults.

You never know what kind of wildlife you might spot, or what surprises are in store for you. If nothing else, spending some time outside is always wonderful (though in smaller increments in the humid Houston air!).

8. Geocache Together

This is a practically free, and fun family experience that gets you outdoors to explore your area.

You're looking for hidden geocaches in your local community — it's like treasure hunting! There's an app you can download to locate them, and you'll want to bring little trinkets to leave in the boxes you find.

Here's where you can get started.

Do things from this list of family activities? And the memories will remain with you + your kids throughout the rest of their lives — the ones they'll daydream about from time to time as they entertain their own kids.

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