Looking for deals for mommy? Of course you are! I've got an untapped resource that has saved me tons of money as a parent that you can use, too.

I've only been at this Mommy thing for two years + some change now. And in that time I've seen my son move from newborn diapers all the way up to Stage 2 (we cloth diaper, but we use disposables at night since he sleeps 8-9 hours at a time − you won't hear me complaining!), outgrow a bassinet within the blink of an eye, and outgrow an outfit after only one wear.

It's amazing how quickly these little guys morph into slightly bigger guys until you turn around one day and they seem to be so grown up.

And as they grow, they need things. Or maybe need is too strong of a word for things like the Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center.

But both your baby and you will undoubtedly want things to facilitate their growth, your sanity, and the overall functionality of your day.

So how have I found a way to save more money than I thought possible (and still get what I want/need…living in true frugal decadence) besides cloth diapering?

Facebook Groups Will Save and Make Parents Lots of Moolah

If you are a mama or a papa and have not joined trading/selling/mommy groups in your area yet, then you are leaving some serious money on the table.

Since babies, toddlers, and then children grow out of things so quickly, there is a plethora of things being sold and traded in these spaces. And quite frankly, some of them are brand new. Like the outfit someone gave you that your baby grew out of before you could even take the tags off to wash it. Or the jogging stroller you invested money into but then never used, or the gently used bathwater Octopus thermometer.

The sky is the limit for what you can both sell out of your own stash, and buy from others.

Let me give you a few examples of how Facebook Groups saved me lots of moolah:

  • Stage 2 Diapers: We mainly cloth diaper. However, we use disposables at night. We were able to snag 256 Huggies diapers in the size we needed for $30. That's a $20 savings from the cheapest bulk buying prices you can get.
  • Crib Mobile: Thanks to my friend Helen, we picked up a brand-new, Amazon rainforest mobile for our little guy's crib for $15 (retails for $30).
  • Free Car Seat: Our car seat (good for up to 22 lbs.) was scored for free off of a Mom Facebook group. After we verified that it had never been in an accident, and that it was not expired (yes, car seats expire, something we learned in one of our baby safety classes), we gratefully took the offer.
  • Nursery Glider Chair: I love our glider chair that I scored in practically new condition for just $60 (retails for around $160).
  • Jogging Stroller: I'm so excited to be able to jog again with the little guy in tow. Jogging strollers cost $100+, but I was able to snag one in great condition for just $30. Now that's worth it!

Other items I've had my eye on but did not get for one reason or another include things like a toddler bed and a $5 outdoor tree swing.

Other Benefits of Facebook Sell Groups

Since you'll be joining local groups, you won't use much gas to pick up what you're purchasing. And Facebook does not charge a commission on items sold like eBay, Amazon, and others do. So when you list your own items to sell you keep all of the earnings!

Bonus: some groups are really tight knit and foster a sense of community; you might just meet a neighbor who becomes a friend, or be able to ask others where to find the best sitters/dentists/mommy yoga class/etc.

How to Find Your Local Buy/Sell Groups

Intrigued? Search for your state or region and the word “sell” or “buy” to find local buy/sell/trade groups in the search bar at the top of Facebook.

FB Search Bar Image

                Hint: Mamas have more to sell than just baby goods. So you might want to join your local group even if you don't have a kiddo to score severely discounted items for yourself!

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  1. Troy @ Bull Market
    Troy @ Bull Market says:

    It’s amazing how useful Facebook groups have become. They used to be just about social movements, funny things, etc. Now there’s a lot of work, hobby, and other useful groups. (Some entrepreneurs are even using Facebook groups to network)

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