What to Do With Free Samples

I don’t need much of an excuse to send away for free samples. My obsession with doing so began back in high school with my friend Aurora. One night during one of our sleepovers, we were looking for fun things to do. We decided to send away…
save on insurance

The High Cost of Fear and Responsibility: How to Cut Down on Insurance Costs

While fine-tuning our budget the other day—an activity I admittedly love to do—I had a small realization. I base our budget off of our net pay, or the amount that Paul and I take home after all deductions have been made, which is a logical…
out of control spending
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Stop the Bleeding—How to Mitigate Months When your Spending is Out of Control

Some months it's hard to curb out of control spending. We had a month like this after we purchased our home, and it seemed like we were bleeding money. Here are tips for how to get through this. It begins with one large bill. Then something…
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How to Not Save for a Downpayment

For the last four years I have saved up a lump of money for no real purpose. I knew that I would probably need large amounts of money in the future, and that one day I would like to be wealthy, so saving as much money as possible seemed like…