Merry Christmas Eve everyone! No matter what you celebrate, I hope this time of year brings you lots of joy, happiness, and time to spend with family and friends.

It is important to me to show my readers that I not only preach frugal decadence, but that I also passionately live it. On Fridays I take the opportunity to show everyone that we live a frugal lifestyle by posting a frugal confession. This confession consists of an example of how our household has saved money, snagged a deal, earned some extra cash, or otherwise lived the frugal decadent lifestyle over the last week. I invite readers to share their own frugal confessions and it generally turns into a love fest of frugality.

Below are my favorite frugal confessions and other posts that highlight specific ways in which our household has saved money or earned extra cash over the last year. Join in by leaving a comment of your favorite ways you have saved money or earned extra cash, and we all just may learn something. Enjoy!

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Saved Money

Earned Extra Cash

Snagged a Deal

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  1. Jessica Zenker
    Jessica Zenker says:

    I recently went to a church sale down the street and found a ton of kids books and puzzles (in excellent condition) all for 50 cents each. I also found a gorgeous pink princess dress for 50 cents! It had a few stains (from a princess party, no doubt), but it came out in the first speedwash at home. Gotta love the bargain! I spent so little I ended up making a small donation to the church just so I wouldn’t feel like I was ripping them off!

    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      How wonderful to hear! You made out really well, and that was so kind of you to make a donation also. Thanks for sharing.

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