Hey Frugal Confessions Readers!!

I don't know if you've used restaurant.com before, but I love this service. Basically, you purchase gift certificates to restaurants at discounts.

Until 09/13/09, restaurants.com is offering a 90% discount on gift certificates!!!!! That means for a $25 gift certificate, you will be paying $1!!!  Check out my sidebar for the link (to the right). At checkout, put in the discount code: NINETY

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Gift certificates are good for one year, and you can purchase them as gifts (there is a tab on the page if you want to do so to make the printout look prettier). You can also buy it, and use it right away, as you print it out from home.

As a side note, I want to make you all aware that I do make money from the items that I have in my sidebar. However, I have decided to make a strict policy of only offering items on my website that I personally use. This year so far, I have redeemed a $25 gift certificate at Bocados in Houston, and at The Fish in Houston. I only paid $2 for each of these gift certificates! What a deal!

I also plan to use a gift certificate in a higher denomination ($50-$100) for when my family comes to visit so that I can treat everyone out without breaking the bank.

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  1. BluSky
    BluSky says:

    Awesome idea. I’ll make use of it when I get over to Houston full time. As it is, there are only 2 restaurants near my zip that are participating and I don’t want to go to either of them.

    Have a great weekend : )

  2. TotalFat
    TotalFat says:

    I only bought two certs from there in my lifetime. They were for Mamacita’s on Nasa Rd 1. When I went to the restaurant they wouldn’t honor them. I’ve never considered buying these ever again.

  3. BluSky
    BluSky says:

    TotalFat, that sucks plain and simple. That may have been a case of uninformed staff though as opposed restaurant policy. Still though, I guess it’s prudent to check with the restaurant prior to purchasing them.

  4. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Hey Blusky! I am glad you like this idea; it has always worked for us, and the savings are phenomenal.

    TotalFat: Sorry about your experience! There has got to be a contract or something between restaurant.com and the restaurants that are on it…perhaps you should call restaurant.com (or email them) and get your money back!

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