1. Out of printer ink? Take your hair dryer and blow hot air onto the cartridge for 30 seconds or so. I did this, and my cartridge lasted another two months!
  2. Start your own indoor plants from clippings and shoots from friends’ and families’ plants. This will make them more special! Be sure to pass on shoots and clippings from your own plants once they mature.
  3. Purchase your own modem and use it instead of the cable company’s (i.e. Comcast, AT&T). Comcast charges $5 per month to use their modem, and after a year, the modem you bought for $60 will pay for itself.
  4. Shop your pantry before going to the grocery store; start with what you have and build meals around this.
  5. Buy your prescriptions with a coupon; check out this website where many drugs have coupons. Also, check your weekly sales flyers for free gift cards to transfer your prescriptions.
  6. Purchase books at used library sales; you are helping a great cause, and usually the prices cannot be beat!
  7. Shop TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshall’s clearance racks; the prices are all ready cheap compared to other stores, and with the clearance, you can find many clothes at a deep discount (think 80-90%).
  8. Go out to eat at restaurants that offer kids meals for free (check out a list here).
  9. For a quick, small infusion of cash, sell your books, DVDs, and video games to Half-Priced Books, or any other used book store.
  10. Cut your dryer sheets in half to make them last twice as long (you will not notice the difference).
  11. Swap DVDs to watch with friends and co-workers. You will be amazed how many DVDs are at your fingertips just through the people you know.
  12. For your next party (birthday, anniversary, bachelorette, housewarming, etc.), use the stylish, modern and free evites.
  13. For desktop computers, be sure to turn the monitor off. This is what eats up the most energy. For laptops, do not leave them plugged in like desktops; it will suck the life out of the battery.
  14. Check out Craigslist’s free section for your wood needs for the winter. People who are clearing away woods or building on a lot will often post wood for free if you come and pick it up yourself.
  15. Transfer money into your savings at the beginning of the month rather than at the end. Overtime, this will add up in extra interest earned for you.

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  1. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    Join a Freecycle group and you can get some basic things free. For example, I wanted a little set of stairs so my senior pug could get on and off the couch without hurting his back, and another Freecycler got back to me immediately. That saved me at least $20. I also was able donate a bent bedframe to a couple who were going to fix it and use it in their spare bedroom. It makes me feel good when things don’t go to waste.

  2. Chris K
    Chris K says:

    #3 Comcast only charges $3.00 per month in Houston, but you can buy a cable modem for $24 from Newegg.com or Tigerdirect.com and it will pay for itself within a year, then savings after!

    Additionally, Comcast will let you get special promotion pricing every 4 months thru their retentions department. We just (2 days ago) got 1 year of $20 per mo broadband down from $50 per month! You can always check back every 4 months to see if there is a better offer even if your offer hasn’t expired yet.

    • FruGal
      FruGal says:

      Chris K: Hello! I will have to double check our bill, but I am pretty sure we are paying $5 a month! You are getting a great deal; I will have to call Comcast and see if I can get a better offer (it’s certainly been 4 months).

      Thanks for the information and comment. Keep reading!

  3. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    The retention Dept. at Comcast will do pretty much anything to keep you as a customer!!! I just knocked $120 off my bill with them!!!

  4. nial
    nial says:

    Great advice. Have you seen any specials for prescription transfer from Randalls,Kroger or Walgreen ecently?

    • FruGal
      FruGal says:

      Hello nial, and welcome!
      I just saw a $10 gift card prescription coupon for a transfer to Target. That was in the paper two Sundays ago. I will keep a look out for Randall’s, Kroger’s, or Walgreens.

      Keep reading, and thanks for the question!

  5. nial
    nial says:

    thanks for the update.
    another saving tip…Randalls pharmacy offers a 10% off grocery coupon if you take a flu shot there.

  6. min hus
    min hus says:

    Hi – I just found your blog and am enjoying it! I have a couple tips to add.

    1. In addition to checking your library book sales, also check them out for books, movies, even online databases (where you can find old magazine articles for free a lot of times as well as other cool stuff). We have a great library system here so I rarely buy books.

    2. Try skipping the dryer sheets altogether sometimes and see if you notice a difference (I didn’t). After reading what’s in those things, I’ve been skipping it and haven’t noticed a difference.

    3. Question routines. I used to bake potatoes in foil cause, well, that’s how mom does it. But one day we ran out of foil so I just popped them in the oven plain and you know what? I like them better as they have a crispy skin.

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