How much money should you have at retirement? How much money do you need to retire at 55? Can you actually retire with 1 million dollars?

We look at common retirement concerns, how to save for a retirement that you can look forward to, and whether or not you can retire early.

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How To Live Comfortably After Retirement

Amanda's Note: This was provided by an online contact.  The good news is that we are, on average, living longer than ever before, and medical advances mean that many of us can now look forward to happy, healthy years after our retirement.…
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Is it Possible to Retire Early if You have Children?

Amanda’s Note: The articles I recently completed on early retirement extreme were very popular. I received several questions as to whether or not you could do this with children. Since Paul and I do not have children, I asked my blogging friend…
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Steps to Start Down the Extreme Early Retirement Path

It is exciting to me that extreme early retirement is not some exclusive club that is unattainable for those of us with moderate incomes. For example, Jacob, who coined the phrase early retirement extreme, was able to save 75% of his income…

Retirement Savings: Are We on the Right Track?

I just hit a milestone birthday -- 30. It's time to pay attention to the bigger picture in terms of projecting our current retirement savings. I just hit a milestone birthday and am officially a 30-year old. My 20s — a decade where life mistakes…

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Author’s Note: This article is geared more towards people not approaching retirement age who may be banking on Social Security to cover their retirement costs. Our culture has this obsession with youth. We shun aging and we are eager to…