best personal finance books

How to Buy Books for an Average of $2.99 Each

Last week I opened my email account to the usual: spammers trying to poach my bank account information, two to three newsletters I can't remember subscribing to, a few people trying to get free links on my site, and the like. Among the riff…
living paycheck to paycheck no savings

Add a Boatload to Your Savings Account in One Year, Even if You are Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Are you living paycheck to paycheck & no savings? How are you supposed to save money while living paycheck to paycheck? How to save money ideas so you can break the cycle. Living paycheck to paycheck no savings...does this describe you?…
woe to the lean purse

Woe to the Lean Purse: Cures to Fix it

“Deride not what I say because of its simplicity. Truth is always simple.” – George Samuel Clason Last week I highlighted The Richest Man in Babylon by discussing the five laws of gold and how the rich or those with meager means are…
money restraints

Placing Purposeful Money Restraints on Your Household

Paul and I are all too aware of the type of sticky financial situations life can throw at you. In the summer of 2008, Paul was laid off from his position. Just two weeks later while he was visiting me in Florida with the extra time on his hands,…
personal savings rate

Personal Saving Rate: Nationally and in Our Household

Personal Saving: the portion of personal income that is left over after personal current taxes and outlays for personal consumption expenditures, nonmortgage interest payments, and net current transfers to government and the rest of the world. Personal…
save for honeymoon

Savings Goal: Honeymoon

Trying to save for honeymoon? My fiancee (now husband) and I set a honeymoon savings goal of $2,500 with money OUTSIDE of our paychecks. Check out how we did! My fiancée and I think big when it comes to travel. In fact, we met one another…