Have you figured out that you’ve got some money mindset shifts to make? Perhaps you want to feel more abundant around money, more grateful around all that you have, or you want to change your spending habits and get more into the mentality of living debt-free.

I’ve got you covered.

Popular Money Mindset Shifts to Make:

Time Vs Money: How to Protect your MOST Valuable Asset

Debt-Free Lifestyle: What it REALLY Takes to Remain Debt Free

Money Mindset: Tools You Need to Shift from Lack to Abundance Mentality

mother with child on beach, thinking about time vs money

Time Vs Money – Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

The time vs money debate is a hot one, mostly because many people are money-poor and time rich. But let me show you why your time is actually more precious than money. “Like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives”—…
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Money Mindset Shift: What it Really Takes to Remain Debt Free

Debt Free Lifestyle: the three money mindset shifts you need to make in order to remain debt free. We've been non-mortgage, debt-free since September 1, 2010. That sentence ended in a period, but really it's supposed to be an "epic"…
do you share your salary information?

Taking the Personal out of Personal Finances: Has America Gone Too Far with Sharing Numbers?

Do you openly share your household income with family and friends? Here's why I don't. I’ve had several uncomfortable run-ins with people wanting me to disclose my personal financial information. When I graduated college both my mother…