blue apron review

This is not one of the typical Blue Apron Reviews. Since my family went through our own version of Hurricane Harvey, I’m able to highlight how deeply helpful this service was as we sorted through insurance claims, roof fixes, and general contractors.

I wasn’t at our Houston home when Hurricane Harvey hit. My family and I were, thankfully, travelling in the state of lakes, cherries, and Crack Fries (Michigan. Seriously, you gotta try HopCat’s Crack Fries. Even Food Network says so). We got to stay with my Aunt and Uncle, which was awesome in and of itself. And then they offered to watch our little one while Paul and I did super-cool things like lighthouse chasing and squeezing in an actual movie at a movie theater.

Talk about taking it up a notch!

But it wasn’t all rainbows and confetti balloons.

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Just 4 days into our travels, we learned that Hurricane Harvey had gotten big. And was headed just a bit South from Houston. While we’re super thankful we didn’t have to live through those days, it was also difficult to watch from afar.

We lost both of our vehicles in flooding (look for an upcoming article on how we dealt with car insurance claims + not having a household vehicle. Yes, it’s just as sucky as it sounds).

But our home remained intact – a leak here or there, but intact with no floodwaters entering inside (did your home flood? I wrote an entire series about flood disasters + insurance). Even while helicopter rescues from rooves were taking place just 1.5 miles down the street.

We were lucky.

My husband couldn’t get home to get back to work for an additional 5 days due to airport closures. And yes, his company decided to dock him for all those days, putting a big dent in our Christmas plans (his corporate headquarters where the decision came down from? NOT located in Hurricane-recovering-Houston).

So, given all of this, let me just tell you how much it meant to me – after extending our travel + losing both our vehicles in the floods – to come home to a bag full of ingredients + instructions for six scrumptious meals.

Blue Apron Delivers Easeful Dinners

Seriously a welcomed home-warming. Not to mention how surprised I was that just within two weeks of the hurricane hitting, deliveries were back up and running almost without a hitch.

Our meals included:

  • Roasted Pork & Salsa Verde with Summer Squash Panzanella Salad
  • A Dash of Sanity
  • Seared Steaks and Roasted Potatoes (a MasterChef recipe) with Balsamic-Glazed Mushrooms
  • Ancho Chile Chicken Tacos with Blistered Shishito Peppers & Cabbage Slaw
  • Pre-Measured Yumminess
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwiches with Napa Cabbage Slaw & Roasted Potato Wedges
  • Viennese Beef Sausages with Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

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What I Loved About Our Blue Apron Experience

I’ll start with all the things I LOVED about our Blue Apron experience (get $50 off your two first boxes by clicking here). Such as:

  • I Could Strategically Use the Small Amount of Leftovers: Bonus points for having enough side-dish leftovers from two of the meals to use as side dishes for a meal I came up with myself during the week. As in, I just had to cook the meat portion, and BOOM, already had the super-yummy side dishes waiting in the fridge to plop onto our plates. Not only that, but there was enough Kale leftover each week that I was able to roast up some kale chips the next day for a one-person snack. Score!
  • I Added to My Cooking Skills: I’ve been cooking food from scratch for over a decade. My husband is an awesome from-scratch cook as well. Yet, I felt very grown up making these recipes. For the first time ever, I seared meat because I was instructed to. I tasted grapes that seem to have come straight out of California’s wine valley. I used capers in a recipe. And I even created mise en place, just like on the chef shows. Let me tell you, my cooking skills have already improved just from following these directions.
  • I Can Reuse these Recipes: We get to keep the recipes, and since both my husband and I love to cook from scratch, these will add nicely to our recipe box.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Our box was delivered late on the second week of using this service. It was supposed to arrive by 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening, and we received an email at 7:27 p.m. that it would be arriving late. It arrived the next day around noon. While everything was still on ice, it had partially melted and so I was concerned. The reason why this goes in my “pros” of the service? Blue Apron’s customer rep handled this beautifully by apologizing as well as offering me a week’s worth of credit to my account to make up for it. I really appreciated that.

What Could Be Improved About the Service

This is a review, so I don’t just want to give the good, right? Here’s what I think could be improved about the service:

  • The Ingredients Bag Took Up Lots of Fridge Space: The ingredients + info for all three meals each week are delivered at the same time in a large bag. It took up about ¾ of one of my fridge shelves to store (it’s possible it could've taken up less space by unpacking all the ingredients, but I didn’t bother with that). Since we only grocery shop every other week, we need all the fridge space we can get. Then again, I knew I’d have 3 meals/week taken care of, so I purchased less than I normally would at the store.
  • Some of the Recipes Took a Decent Amount of Time to Cook: This meal service is one where you are truly doing the cooking (though with all the ingredients portioned out for you + the recipes chosen in advance). And some of the recipes took 45-50 minutes versus others that were just 25-35 minutes. However, I noticed that they DO have 30-minute meals you can choose to substitute into your deliveries.
  • Produces More Trash: Everything is individually packaged for freshness and pre-measured amounts, so there is definitely a good bit of trash at the end. HOWEVER, they offer a way for you to recycle the bag that everything comes in.

All in all, I was very impressed with Blue Apron. I felt that it elevated not only our dinner experience, but our entire dinner TIME experience (you know, that crazy hour right before dinner is due when you’re scrambling around with a toddler to put a meal on the table?).

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