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Writing a House Purchase Offer? Three Things That You Should Highlight

Amanda's Note: This was provided by an online contact.  Jenna and Joe just got married. They are house-hunting with high hopes that they will find their home in the neighborhood that’s special to them. Luck seems to be on their…
blue apron review

A Post-Hurricane Harvey Blue Apron Review

This is not one of the typical Blue Apron Reviews. Since my family went through our own version of Hurricane Harvey, I’m able to highlight how deeply helpful this service was as we sorted through insurance claims, roof fixes, and general contractors. I…
house projects

How to Juggle Paying Off Debt while Paying for House Projects

Jump back to Chapter 1 of our marriage, just four short years ago, and you will see a very different angle to our story. My husband and I had just gotten engaged and purchased our new home in Houston TX. When sitting down to formally combine…
how to save money on electric bills in apartment

How to Save Money on Electric Bill in Apartment

The behavioral changes + tools + tricks you need for how to save money on electric bill in apartment.  How to save money on electric bill in apartment when you can't make the kinds of changes you could in a home? Owning a home yields many…
homemade food

Instead of Buying Small Kitchen Appliances, Make Recipes that Do Not Use them

So here’s my silly confession of the month: I always thought that you needed an ice cream maker in order to make homemade ice cream. Maybe this mis-perception was not entirely my fault; almost every magazine ice cream recipe gives you a…
work from home

7 Ways I am Working Smarter

When I first heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder”, I dismissed it as business jargon for “work harder for us with no extra pay”. My cynicism did not allow me to see its potential in my own life. Since starting this blog in 2009…