helping the homeless

Spreading Hope in a Spaghetti Jar

Helping homeless people this holiday season (and any time of the year, really) starts with reusing all those spaghetti jars you've been recycling. On my way to work each day I pass three-five people begging for money. Some attempt to…
holiday card messages

Adding Pizzazz to your Holiday Cards

Holiday card messages + lots of ideas for how to add pizzazz to all those holiday cards. Nothing ordinary here! I typically do not send out Christmas and Holiday cards. In fact, I cannot remember a single Christmas when I did. Year after…
cheap halloween party

Hosting Our Halloween Party for $3.46 per Guest

My mother, brother, and his girlfriend visited us last week from PA. In their honor we threw a Halloween party and invited 25 of our friends and family. What a blast! We wanted it to be a really festive occasion, but of course we wanted to keep…
frugal mothers day ideas

Frugal Mother’s Day Ideas

Sometimes what we want to give loved ones cannot come close to what we can actually afford to give them. Because there is pressure from the media, retailers, and other people to try and express all of this emotion towards others in a financial…
last minute valentines day ideas

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas to Keep You Out of the Store

Need last minute valentine's Day ideas and gifts? I've got you covered -- you don't even need to go shopping for these! There is a growing movement for the Anti-Valentine’s Day. Who isn’t a little tired of being plastered with flower…
long distance relationship dates

A Frugal Date for Long Distance and Near Distance Couples

What, you didn't think you could have long distance relationship dates? Let me share with you two, sweet date idea for long distance relationships you can do over Skype. Most of my relationship with my military boyfriend (now husband), Paul,…