You’re on the first rung of where the four-step frugality ladder can take you {sneak peak: the highest rung is designing your own life!}.

And while you may not think the “get-out-of-debt” (GOOD) rung is glamorous, stopping here to work through your debt is gearing you up towards an exciting and fanTABulous future.

I would know, as it’s where we started.

If I were to use a word to describe how I felt about money from my youth through to my early-twenties, it would be fearful. As a child I witnessed firsthand the havoc that debt and failing to maximize {or downright plunder} a bare-bones paycheck can wreak on a family and the people in it. Stressful errands driving to the offices of each creditor in order to pay a bill on its due date, anxiously juggling from account to account, losing precious family time to work night shifts and then feeding that extra money into a sinking ship—only to lose it all in the end through bankruptcy.

It’s not the life I wanted for me, and I’ll bet it’s not the life you want for you.

I made it my mission to learn how to master money instead of having it master me. Frugality is the tool that got me there, and the tool that keeps me in reign. Yet on the way to this fabulous life—a life which you can have—I accumulated some of my own debt. My husband accumulated some debt before we dated. Then we combined our finances which left us with two incomes (hurrah!) and two sets of past obligations (doh!).

September 1, 2010 is the day when we declared ourselves debt-free (except for our 15-year mortgage). It marks the date when we collectively paid off the remaining $25,000 of debt (at one point our individual debts—comprised of student loans, a car note, and an engagement ring—had totaled an astounding $59,496).

GOOD Collage

But before declaring our debt freedom, purchasing a home, traveling across the world, building a net worth, and quitting my day job to pursue my writing full-time {takes one blessed, grateful breath}, I was right there with you.

Based on a True Story…the gory details of our debt accumulation and debt payoff

If you’re here—like I was just a few short years ago—then you’ve overspent, overextended yourself and your finances, and are likely feeling overwhelmed. Are you over all that?

I know I was.

Just a few short years ago, we decided to not enter our marriage with debt hanging over our heads. Making that decision is what brought us here today. Now I want to bring you to where we are.

Learn steps to take right now so that you can not only untangle yourself from this mess, but also so that you will never find yourself back here again.

Debt Triage—Take These Steps Immediately to Free Up Money…

Cash flow boosters…

Paying off debt is more of a mental game than a money game. Yes, you need a sufficient income and a financially savvy plan in order to pay your debt load off completely. However, if you give up, then all of the income in the world is not going to save you.

For when you’re in need of a pick-me-up…


P.S. green editedAre you ready to manipulate that debt of yours so that you pay it off earlier? Click the image below to learn more.

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