Get 'em while they're hot (and free)…


Life is now, my friend.

Average paychecks, debt, and money hangovers from last year should not be holding you back from living in VIP status.

That's why I'm sharing the same curated resources I'd share with my best friend (and probably have). These free + awesome resources are worth their weight in sleep-filled nights and snug retirements. Since I believe in and use these free and fabulous products, I've included affiliate links where available.

Did I mention that everything on this page is free? So have at it!

To life, love, and stepping into your money-loving journey,



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The Paycheck Expander: Unlock Cash in Your Paycheck Today

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Before you even think about getting a second job so that you can pay all your bills
and still get to happy hour on Friday nights, get my Paycheck Expander.

Grab the six tips that will keep more cash in your own hands while complementing
your current lifestyle, not denying it.


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Tech Image Money QuestionsBreak the Money Ice Holding You + Your Bestie, Your Beau, Your Partner-in-Crime Back from Financial Intimacy

Money talks have a bad feeling about them in many relationships. Or even worse–they don't happen at all.

Let's start to change that with this free sample from my new release, The Financial Intimacy Kit.

These aren't vanilla questions that you can find on the bottom of your bank's newsletters. These are fun, thought-provoking, juicy, over-coffee questions that will reveal much more about your partner than you knew before.

Preview: thin mints, hernias, and RAKs are involved.

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Free Money to Pay for Your Kids' Education

Not sure of how you will pay for your kids' college? How about getting corporations to help you out for free?

Upromise is an incredibly awesome program that can really be meaningful financially for you and your family. Sign up for an account, attach a beneficiary (aka future college student!), then associate your store loyalty cards and credit cards. When you spend money on what you normally would anyway, certain companies automatically give your account a kickback.

  • Turbo-boost that money accumulation by having your family members associate their store loyalty cards and credit cards towards your child's education.
  • What if your college-bound teen decides college is not for them? No fear. You can change the account beneficiary at any time and give it to someone else.
  • You can also split the benefits by whatever percent you would like (my niece has a little brother, so I allocate a certain percentage to each of them).

So what are you waiting for…their high school graduation?

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Paycheck Expander Tools

For earning free gift cards and actual cash just by quenching your curiosities (aka searching the internet), sign up for Swagbucks.

For prescription glasses and sunglasses at ridiculously low prices, check out ZenniOptical. Three years ago I ordered a pair and paid $17.90 (including shipping). Still looking great!

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Free Wealth-Builder Tool

Do you have retirement accounts open with multiple employers, and with multiple fee structures? Personal Capital is a free, aggregator that pulls all of your investments into one place. Then, it spits out some really valuable information like the specific dollar amount you are paying in fees each year, and what the heck your retirement accounts are actually invested in.

Get all that straight and you can start making some sound investment decisions.