Now that 2009 is winding down, I thought it would be fun to show you how lucrative deal-finding has been for me! Perhaps you will be inspired to do some of your own deal-finding in 2010 once you see how much a year worth of freebies can really adds up. Remember, these totals do not include money that I saved from discounted products, or from using coupons; these lists are only the free items I received.

2009 List of Freebies

  1. Oprah Magazine 12 month Subscription for 2009 and 2010: MyCokeRewards, $18
  2. Sports Illustrated 12 month Subscription: US Dividend Air Miles, $20
  3. US Weekly 12 month Subscription: US Dividend Air Miles, $26
  4. Digital Scrapbooking computer software: Office Depot Rebate, $29
  5. 2 Calculators: Office store rebates, $18
  6. Airplane ticket from Houston to PA: American AAdvantage Frequent Flyer Miles, $220
  7. 3 pairs of Free movie theater tickets we used for Mall Cop, Julie and Julia, and New Moon: Swagbucks, $57
  8. Love scrolls to use for our wedding vows: World Market Giveaway, $11
  9. Bath pillow: Bath’n’body works Coupon, $11
  10. Whole Rotisserie Chicken: Coupon from Central Market, $7.99
  11. Pruning Shears: Free Offer to try a Gardening Club, $17
  12. Barely used Bicycle: Friend from Work, $100
  13. Entertainment Book 2009 (saved me $30+ over the year): combination of eBates and Sale, $15
  14. 4 Free Victoria Secret Underwear: Mailed and Online Coupons from VS, $40
  15. Over 200 digital prints: Various free sign-up offers from Snapfish, York Photos, etc., $$38
  16. Burt’s Beeswax Tin of Peppermint Lip Balm: Free Coupon from Manufacturer, $3.50
  17. 1 Refill Phillips Sonic Head for Toothbrushes: Filling out Online Survey from Phillips Company, $20
  18. 1 Bikram Yoga Class: Signed up for Email Newsletter at YogaOne Studios, which periodically emails free classes, $15
  19. $20 off Southwest Airfare Coupon: MyCokeRewards
  20. Drugstore Game at CVS: $621.22 worth of free merchandise (with $100 deducted for cash I paid over the last 12 months, and gas)
  21. Swiss Army Red Tote Bag: $20
  22. Water Heater Blanket: $39.99

Total in Free Products/Services: $1367.70

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2009 List of Earnings

  1. $5 Subway Giftcard: MyCokeRewards
  2. $5 Walgreens Giftcard: MyCokeRewards
  3. $5 Chevron gas card: online giveaway
  4. $10 Target Giftcard: Prescription transfer coupon
  5. $25 CVS Giftcard: Prescription transfer coupon
  6. $25 Giftcard to Regal Cinemas: ThankYou Rewards CC Points
  7. $50 in CVS Giftcards from MyPoints Surveys
  8. $75 in Home Depot Giftcard: ThankYou Rewards CC Points
  9. $50 Red Lobster Giftcard: ThankYou Rewards CC Points
  10. $80 Wal-Mart Giftcard: Free Trial to AutoAdvantage from Bank of America
  11. $100 in Gas rebates: MPell
  12. $75: Opened up Two Custodial Sharebuilder Accounts
  13. $300: Opened up Two New Chase Accounts with Coupon

Total: $805

4 replies
  1. nial
    nial says:

    the 2010 entertainment book is on offer for $19.99 with free shipping. Is the deal a good one ….your opinion is appreciated.

  2. Amanda L Grossman
    Amanda L Grossman says:

    Hello Nial!

    I saw that deal, but I am going to wait until it is even cheaper. It will at least go down to $15.99, and last year I was even able to get it for free.

    Ofcourse if you are going to be able to save enough in those coupons over the first month or two of 2010 to make the $19.99 worthwhile, then I’d go for it.

    Hope that helps!

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