I resisted buying a Smartphone until last fall. Worried about its potential hold on my life (after witnessing many others sucked into their small screens), I didn’t want yet more hours taken away from my life due to an electronic device. Then I attended the Financial Blogger’s Conference in Chicago last October and quickly figured out how not having a Smartphone put me at a distinct disadvantage in blogging world. I caved, and purchased an Android.

I have been a staff writer at the My Dollar Plan blog since 2009, and recently wrote a post on free apps for business people. Then I thought, why not write a post on free apps that are just cool?

  • Google Sky Map: This is such a neat app for Android phones. You can hold it up to the sky, to the ground, or anywhere in between and it will show you the real-time stars, constellations and planets. Sounds like a good excuse for a star-watching date to me!
  • Words with Friends: Even though this has a lot of ads (after every move it goes to an ad), playing this game is so much fun. Over last Christmas I made a point to teach my grandmother how to play this game so that we could connect better even though she’s in PA and I am in Texas. It worked! We play one another every day. I also have games going with my mother, sister, and other friends.
  • HomeSnap: Available only on iPhones, this cool app lets you snap a photo of any home (on the market or not), to find out approximate value, square footage, number of rooms, similar homes for sale, rating of nearby schools, etc. Here’s a great review.
  • Wallpaper Changer: I like to take photos on my phone, so this is such a neat way to display all of the extra moments I am capturing now that I carry around a camera with me all the time. You can choose how often the photo changes, as well as choose only the photos you wish to show.
  • Relax and Sleep: You don’t need to buy a sound machine if you have trouble sleeping/relaxing…your phone can do it for you! This app offers 35+ ambient sounds with a timer, and the ability to combine several sounds together (if you would like). Could be great for traveling, both for sleeping on an airplane and in a hotel. Some of my personal favorites are Monk Chanting, Crickets, and Campfire.

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  1. Helen
    Helen says:

    Thanks for the noise machine app idea. I was actually going to research white noise machines for work in a noisy cube world. Hadn’t thought that there would be an app for this. Thanks.

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