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I’ve created these three kits for specific needs in your financial and personal lives (they tend to intermingle…don’t they?).

Perhaps you’ve experienced lack luster sit downs and feel completely out of alignment financially on some key points (like…what to
FIK iPad spend your money on, how much to save, how in the heck to combine finances just to name a few).

The fact is, people don’t come into relationships knowing how to deal with money as a couple (hint: my husband and I had our own money fails, which I talk about in this kit). Heck, most people have trouble navigating money on their own!

I’ve created your go-to resource to build the financial intimacy you are so deeply craving.

iPad FIK LARGECan you imagine

  • Setting up a couple money system you can both get on board with
  • Having both of you interested in your finances
  • Enjoying dealing with your money together instead of butting heads and living in denial
  • Working towards common money goals that will keep each of you deeply satisfied

For just $17, I’m about to change the course of your relationship forever. So get off the sideline and jump on in!

(Hey, that’s way less than the cost of bankruptcy, a break-up, or continuing to spin your wheels).

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The Layoff Empowerment Kit graphic


Going through a layoff is like going through a breakup…with some intense financial repercussions.

You’re generally pulled into a room, given the bad news, your boss/HR person waits to see how you react, then you have to shove your belongings into a box and leave (oh yeah…and sometimes they even escort you out the door as a precaution).

I would know, as my husband and I have experienced 4 layoffs in the last 8 years!


The thing is, we’ve learned some really valuable tidbits that could help you in the event of your next layoff, including:


  • Immediate things you need to do (like, before you leave the office for the last time) to smooth the process over
  • That you should never sign a severance agreement right then and there (even with your boss breathing down your neck)
  • How  to extract the most value out of your dwindling health benefits before they vanquish like Slimer on GhostbustersiPad Layoff LARGE
  • Ins and Outs of collecting unemployment, and why you shouldn’t feel bad for doing so
  • What happens to your pension, 401(k), and action steps you need to make sure the money follows you into retirement


The clock starts ticking as soon as you pulled into that room on the day you are let go, so you need to purchase this kit today, read it over, and keep the handy-dandy checklist (organized by deadlines) of what to do immediately through one month out from your next layoff.

At just $17, you can’t afford not to get this information!
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retirement worbook graphic
Do you know “your number”?

And if you know your hairy-scary number, do you know what the heck you’re supposed to save and invest each month in order to get there?

This printable workbook will you take you through very specific calculations (guided, so no worries if you’re not into numbers!) and filters so that you can not only come up with your number, but you will know what action you need to take today to get there.

Note: this is not a workbook about investing, but it’s an awesome resource that will answer your question of how much you need to set aside each month to invest in order to reach a comfortable retirement.

Gain retirement clarity specific to your lifestyle + needs for just $17 (your future self thanks you greatly)!


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