french woman

French Spendthrifts Don’t Get Poor…You Don’t Need to get Poor Either

“…in fact, pleasure should, as a rule, precede compensation.” – Mireille Guiliano, author, French Women Don’t Get Fat The title of this article should get your attention. How can spendthrifts, who by definition spend lots and lots…
I can't afford it

Banning the words “I Can’t Afford It”

Penny started her year with a New Year's Resolution to ban the words "I can't afford it" in her household. It made a big difference to the negative feelings she had about their money situation. I have asked Penny to do a guest post for me this…
save money

Using the Psychology of Poverty to Save Money: Have I Gone Too Far?

“We can’t afford that.” I’ve said it. It could be a new flat screen television, or even a half gallon of Blue Bell ice-cream, but it doesn’t matter; this conversation has come up over and over again in the last 9 months that we have…
lazy persons guide

The Lazy Person's Guide to Financial Success

Perhaps ‘lazy’ is not the correct adjective, but if you are looking for a simple, sleek, and financially savvy plan that you can set and leave alone, then this is the article for you. If the thought of actively managing several bucket accounts,…