Why is personal financial health important, and how do you know when you’ve got it?

I share financial health tips, how to assess your own personal financial health with a personal finance health score, and OF COURSE, ways to increase it.

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zombie finances

Finances of the Undead: Why You Will Never See a Zombie Banker

Let me ask you something: could you ever see a zombie banker? The short answer is no way. Aside from the fact that you would be as uneasy making transactions as a horse approaching a rattle snake, it just would not be practical. Zombies would…
nest of gold eggs on white background

5 Laws of Gold (Plus the 7 Cures to Fix a Lean Purse)

Learn what the 5 Laws of Gold say about your own finances. We also discuss the lean purse, and 7 cures to fix it (with real life examples). About a year ago, I devoured the 5 laws of gold after picking up a used copy of The Richest Man in Babylon…
denmark happiest country

Denmark: Highest Tax Rate and Happiest People

Most of us don’t like paying taxes because it is more money out of our pockets. This can be especially true if we do not believe in the types of policies or programs our tax money is funding. Because of this, you would think that the country…
french woman

French Spendthrifts Don’t Get Poor…You Don’t Need to get Poor Either

“…in fact, pleasure should, as a rule, precede compensation.” – Mireille Guiliano, author, French Women Don’t Get Fat The title of this article should get your attention. How can spendthrifts, who by definition spend lots and lots…

Is Your Money Working for You, or Are You Working for Your Money?

It’s a simple question, with a simple answer: Do you work for your money, or does your money work for you? Yet getting to the point in your financial enlightenment of having your money work for you—earn money of its own without you lifting…