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Let's face it: no one is born knowing how to manage their money.

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Chances are good that your own parents didn't know enough to teach you the kind of financial foundation that would have made you a fortune by now (heck, even just enough to get out of debt).

I know my parents didn't. They each went through a personal bankruptcy before I reached the age of 15. It was devastating to them physically, mentally, and to our whole family (you've now been given a personal glimpse into why I've chosen my career path).

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As a mother, I want better for my child. And I know you want better for yours as well.

Because of this, I'm thinking about creating an Online Money Camp for Kids that would be offered this summer.

Here's Where I Could Use Your Help

I'd love to know if you:

a): Are interested in this

b): Have thoughts/suggestions/ideas for what you would like offered

If I could just have 5 minutes of your time to answer a 9-question survey, I would greatly appreciate it. The survey is available here.

Oh, and if you know you're interested in hearing more, then please join my interest list so that I can send you updates on the Online Money Camp progress.

Here's to a brighter money future for your little one(s),