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Looking for fun money games for kids online so that you can get your child interested and learning about what makes the world go 'round?

You should be! According to T. Rowe Price's 2014 Kids and Money Survey, “Over two-thirds of kids have played games involving money, and the majority say that board games, video games and online games that involve money help them understand how to save and spend wisely.”

Look no further for a great way to get your kid critically thinking about money. I've curated dozens of free money games for children (like money metropolis) that help them start to see their world in terms of money (in a fun way).

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Here are just 11 of the games I've come across (looking for more? I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to fun online money games for kids):


Game Name: Business is Blooming
Price: FREE
Description: In this game your kid takes control of a flower shop. As the boss, it's up to you to select the right flowers to make the bouquet, per the order. The quicker you make bouquets, the more orders you get to go through and ultimately the more money the business makes.



Game Name: Lemonade Larry
Price: FREE
Description: In this game your child will sell different amounts of lemonade to customers. They'll have to figure out what to charge, and that's how they can move onto the next person!


Game Name: Peter Pig's Money Counter
Price: FREE
Description: This is a great way to get your child to learn how to count money and figure out different coins they can use to get to a certain amount. It's sort of like a virtual way to sort a change jar.



Game Name: Road Trip to Savings
Price: FREE
Description: You get 4 weeks to move as much of your $1,000 into savings as you possibly can. Along the road trip, there will, of course, be expenses as well as opportunities to earn more. Your child will also have to consider real world car ownership responsibilities such as gas and insurance.

Game Name: Refund Rush
Price: FREE
Description: As customers come to the cash register, you get to take a peek at their financial profile (which includes things like financial goals, age, and tax refund amount). You then decide how this person should split up their tax refund to meet their goals and needs. Then you give your advice to the customer. At the end of the round you get to see how your advice worked for each customer.

Game Name: Farm Blitz
Price: FREE
Description: A relative died and you've just inherited their farm. Unfortunately, to keep things going, you had to take out a loan. You now need to make a profit so that you can pay back this debt (oh yeah, and save some for the future as well!). Also, it drives home the point of needing to prepare for unforeseen natural catastrophes.

Game Name: Celebrity Calamity
Price: FREE
Description: You are a celebrity manager. You'll need to manage your celebrity's money, as well as score them gigs, deciding between things like an infomercial versus dinner theater. You even have to make purchases for your celebrity using a debit card…they're real divas. But sometimes…they want something NOW, and you're forced to use a credit card (that racks up interest and fees).

Game Name: Bite Club
Price: FREE
Description: Your child just graduated from Vampire University…but with student loans and credit card debt. Ouch! They need to start a new business to make some cash – Bite Nightclub. By keeping customers happy, they earn money.


Game Name: How the Market Works
Price: FREE
Description: A FREE Stock Market Game from Stock-Trak® (you'll need to create an account). The simulator performs like a real brokerage account but w/ virtual money. You get $100,000 and can practice trading real stocks, using real-time market prices. Players (middle and high school) can also practice trading global stocks. The global feature among others is what makes this a more comprehensive stock simulation game.


Game Name: Cash Puzzler
Price: FREE
Description: In this game, your child will become more aware of the different bill denominations as they put the puzzle pieces together.

Game Name: Wally's Stock Ticker
Price: FREE
Description: Put your name in and you get to choose from very popular stocks to learn about, such as Apple, AT&T, Amazon, McDonald's, etc. You then get to choose from different items such as “current price” and “Volume of Shares” where you will learn information about your particular stock. Through your particular stock, you learn about stocks in general.

For more free online money games for your child, check out my Money Prodigy Pinterest board: {FREE} Fun Money Games for Kids Online. I update as I find them! Also, be sure to look at educational toys for kids that will teach them about money.

So cool! I didn't know there were all these FREE online money games for kids! | Money Prodigy Summer Camp for Kids,

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  1. The Green Swan
    The Green Swan says:

    Thanks for compiling the great list of games. My kid is only two, but I’m sure he’ll be getting into games soon. It’ll be great to teach him the basics early!


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