Money Goals: Try one money life hacks to make you 33% more likely you'll reach your money goals (like saving all that money you want to!). |

Learn one of the best, and easiest, money life hacks to make it 33% more likely you'll achieve your savings goals.

When I was a senior in high school, I set a goal: to find a senior prom dress that would make me look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (you know, mid-end of movie, after some of her employment drama was sorted out?). It had to be sateen, deep red or magenta, and of course I was not going to step foot in my date's car without the white, elbow-length gloves.

Result: Sure enough, 8 months after setting this goal, I emptied my coin jar into the local Coinstar® machine and took the $75.40 to buy a beautiful, magenta-colored gown complete with gorgeous gloves.

Four years ago when we were heavily focused on paying down our debt, paying cash for our wedding, and putting a down payment on our home, I set a goal to pay for our honeymoon to Austria ($2,500) with money I found outside of our paychecks.

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Result:  Just six months later, with an awesome extra (non-paycheck) $2334.78 sitting in an account, we booked our trip to Austria.

How did I/we manage to reach these financial goals?

I'll give you a hint: it's not because we were raking in the dough (my job at the time of buying that senior prom gown was mucking horse stalls for our neighbor, and Paul and I were at the beginning of our careers).

The reason I managed to reach both of these financial goals is because of money life hacks: I wrote the goals down.

Commit to Paper What You Want to Achieve

I can give you lots of other examples of goals I've managed to achieve – financial and otherwise – over the course of my life. But instead, I'd like to give you a statistic that is going to change your life.

Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews did a study on goal-setting. She found that you are 33% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down + sharing them with others (accountability).

Talk about money life hacks you can live with! Couldn't get simpler than that.

Here's Your Chance to Do this

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9 replies
    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      Yes! One recent thing I saw others doing that I just love is to set your phone alert to say your goal once a day. What a great reminder!

  1. Nik @ Midlife Finance
    Nik @ Midlife Finance says:

    I started listing down all my goals this year and it’s a pretty effective way that will motivate you in achieving your goals. Currently, half of my goals on the list are all marked up complete and achieved!

  2. Alexis
    Alexis says:

    I like to use an app that puts all of my goals onto a picture of my choice. Then I use the picture as a background on my phone so I can see it every time I look at my phone.

  3. Don @ Breath of Optimism
    Don @ Breath of Optimism says:

    I make it a point to write my goals down to and keep them in plain sight. By doing these two things, I achieve many of my goals. When I was younger and didn’t write my goals down, I would forget about them after a few months and they would no longer be a priority for me. Not surprisingly, I didn’t achieve many of those goals.

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