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Home-based work is becoming a thing in this day and age. It is not only very convenient and efficient but also very rewarding, especially for parents who get to spend their days watching their children grow.

Most online positions understandably involve skills in computers and information technology —  there are ads for software developers, web designers, and back-end programmers everywhere you look. Writing is also a valued online skill. Just a little scroll and we will immediately see that there is a fair demand for content writers, social media promotions developers, script writers, copywriters, and other similar freelancers.

The online world, which is basically just a world of binaries, does not and actually cannot discriminate against those who are well-versed with numbers. How, then, can people who love mathematics benefit from the online arena?

Data Analysis

The world is indeed full of stimuli that many of us are not even equipped to appreciate. In order to make sense of them, there are now efforts to quantify and plot experience on pre-determined scales. How satisfied are you on a scale of 1 to 7? How happy were you on a ten-point scale? These are very typical questions in survey materials.

How then do we make sense of the data collected? This is where the help of math wizards is very much appreciated. Through them, we get acquainted with correlations, means, medians, and other concepts that  make our numbered world a bit easier to understand and navigate.

Math Tutorials

There is no doubt that mathematics is important, especially to a world where everything seems to be calculated: pay, wealth, and even practical value as a professional. Even with its ubiquity, math is still a subject that many find very hard to approach, let alone master. Because of this, online tutors who are skilled enough to deliver lessons on algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, and other mathematical fields are in demand. They just have to be equipped with the right amount of patience and pedagogical skills to make it through each session.

Crypto Mining

There is a new way of transacting online, and it involves cryptocurrency. This is basically just the use of “alternative money” to pay for objects that people involved in the network move around online. Because cryptocurrency is a heavily network-based system, members must have a repository of all valid crypto transactions. This record is created and maintained by a process called crypto mining.

In more specific terms, what is crypto mining?  In a nutshell, this is a process in which a person — with the aid of powerful computers — solves complex mathematical problems and equations in order to properly process and store each crypto transaction. Each processed transaction has a corresponding payment.

Presented here are just three options in varying degrees of complexity and personality requirements. The math wiz who’s trying to assess these jobs’ viability must look deep in themselves and ask: “Will this fit me?”. They should be very honest when answering, because if they’re not, their mathematical ability can only do so much to take away the possible misery of being in an unfitting circumstance.

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