interest bearing checking account

Interest-Bearing Checking Accounts: Can they Compete with High-Yield Savings Accounts?

Did you know an interest bearing checking account exists? Let's look at whether or not they can compete with high-yield savings accounts. A reader emailed me after reading my article on the current high-yield savings account rates I had researched…
electronics yard sale

Liquidating Our Electronic Graveyard: How did We do?

I opened up our closet in Paul’s office the other day and realized that our graveyard of electronic carcasses had grown big enough in size for me to attempt to reap some cash out of it. There was the printer that works but we lost the cord…
unlimited data

Making a Little Extra Cash Online

Who couldn’t use more money, especially at this time of year? I am here to tell you that there are ways to earn money from home. However, to be very honest, it is easier to earn gift cards from home; to be even more honest, you could earn…
sell wedding ring

Would You Sell Your Wedding Rings to Pay for a Big Purchase?

Would you sell your wedding rings to raise money, or after a divorce? You're probably wondering, "where can I sell my wedding rings?" Last week during the television show Downsized, the Bruce family was faced with losing their entire emergency…
class action lawsuit examples

Class Action Lawsuits: My Experience and Examples of Other Settlements

You got a class action lawsuit post card in the mail, asking you to be included. Let me give you some class action lawsuit examples so that you can see if it'll be worth it to you or not to go through the process.  I've got a few class action…
mystery shop

Free Oil Changes for Life: My Experience with Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is one of those things that have intrigued me for years. The first time I heard the phrase was back in college from my aunt who works in marketing. She matter-of-factly threw into a conversation that companies pay people to…