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How to Get the Most Money for Your Clothes After a KonMari Closet Cleanout

Marie Kondo's KonMari organization and life-changing method is all the rage right now (wait, is all the rage still all the rage? Not sure). As an organization and decluttering aficionado, I have a copy of her book on my dust-free nightstand…
side hustles

5 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

This is a guest post from Ashley Barnett. Ashley is a long time personal finance blogger and lover of small business. She believes the best way to get ahead financially is to have multiple streams of income, to this end she has owned several…
bank opening bonus

How to Know if that Bank Bonus Offer is Worth It

Looking for a juicy bank opening bonus? Let me show you how to figure out if opening that account is worth it as far as the time and money you'll put into doing it. I remember the first time I scored free money from a bank opening bonus. It…
How do Olympic athletes make a living

How Olympic Athletes Fund their Dream

How do Olympic athletes make a living? Most are not wealthy, and most have to fund their own training. I think many of us tend to assume that anyone who has a show on television, stars in a movie, or who competes in sports at the Olympic-level…
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5 Things You Can Do While Watching Television to Help Your Bottom Line

One of my key learnings so far in the Reliant Blogger Conservation Challenge I’ve entered is how much television watching I was able to easily eliminate in one week: 8 hours. Wow. Granted, most of the time when I am watching television I am…
court tv shows

It Pays to Have Your Small Claims Case on a Court Television Show

Have you ever thought about appearing on one of the court TV shows? Whether you want to get on Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, or Judge Milan, let’s talk about how to submit your case and who gets paid. So, you have a small claims case, and you…