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What stresses you out? Do you start to sweat when you realize you’re going to be late for a big meeting with your boss? Or is that packed subway car that gets your blood pumping?

If you’re like most Americans struggling to make ends meet, it’s not tardiness at work or overcrowded public transit that plays on your nerves. Your finances are to blame for most of your life’s anxieties, and your adrenal glands can be working overtime in anticipation of that next big bill that pushes you over the edge.

When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you simply don’t have enough cash in your budget to cover unanticipated bills, repairs, or other necessary purchases. Once rent, utilities, and every other responsibility takes their due, you’re left with little if not nothing to spare on the unexpected. Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing the unexpected your way when you’re least prepared to handle it.

When it’s just one purchase or bill that threatens your finances, a small dollar loan can be a great solution to your cash flow problems. But when your unexpected ends up being a series of bills scattered throughout the month, a loan with a short term would leave you stranded halfway through your responsibilities. Its short term would be due before you’re finished paying off your bills.

When you need something that will last until all of your bills are taken care of, it’s time to learn more about online lines of credit. These financial products are designed with multiple bills in mind. Typically $1,000 in size, you can withdraw from your limit as infrequently or as often as you like, but it’s its repayment schedule is what makes them stand out from ordinary loans.

Its repayment coincides with your paychecks and is determined by how much of the credit you’ve used plus interest — not the entire limit. While you can repay it in one lump sum, all you have to make are minimum payments at the scheduled due dates. Not only does this make them much easier to accommodate in an already stressed budget, but it means you can keep using it for as long as there is credit left on your line. Compared to a small dollar loan, which usually needs to be paid back in full by your next paycheck, these lines are more suitable for real life when you need to pay bills over several weeks.

You can’t exactly predict the unexpected, but you can at least be prepared for when it happens. Let’s say your cellphone company overcharges you for going over your data limits. A week later you accidentally park in a no parking zone and get stuck with a ticket. Then your gas company introduces higher rates for their services. A personal line of credit can cover all of these and more. It’s time to cope with your stress. Get online and see how easy it is to apply, and eliminate the anxiety of not being prepared.

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