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The Debt Manipulator 3.0

Completely Legal Debt Hacking to Pay Off Your Balance Sooner Without Raising Your Income

If you haven’t gotten out of debt yet, it’s okay. Listen UP.

Have you been told that there are only two ways to pay off debt — either skimping so much that you’re eating ramen-noodle dinners while using pool noodle crafts to prop up your social life…or slaving away precious family time on a second job?

You’ve been fed a big ol’ baloney sandwich that’s left you feeling:

    • Drained from living paycheck to paycheck just to pad your creditors’ pockets
    • Secretly wondering if the dreaded “b” word is your only solution
    • Questioning how on earth your household can live off of one income — with all this debt — so that you can cut out of the rat race and take your business ambitions + life to the next level
    • Willfully oblivious to your financial accounts (ignorance may not be bliss, but it’s better than reality, right?) and crossing your fingers you’ll have enough to cover your bills each month

You probably can’t even imagine it’s possible to get out of debt early. But you can. In fact you can also…

Give a good life to your young children (or afford starting that family you’ve been putting off)…SAHM edited

Actually have money leftover at the end of the month to put into savings…

Go back to school and invest in yourself + your biz

Quit a job you (un)secretly hate to pursue your own goals…

Enjoy guilt-free evenings out with your pals…

Save for a cushy retirement (heck, just a comfortable one would be nice at this point)…

Get rid of annoying roommates and purchase your own home

Go on that trip you’ve been putting off since your early 20s…

There’s a Third Way to Pay off Your Loans. It’s Called The Debt Manipulator 3.0

If you are stuck in a debt time warp — set to pay everything off according to your creditors’ timetable — but have big plans for your life that are going to need funding, then forget about the two traditional ways to pay your debts.

Instead, get your ticket to the debt freedom FastPASS lane.

The Debt Manipulator 3.0 is your “that was easy” hack button, getting you out of personal + biz debt way sooner than you are currently on track to do using ONLY your current paycheck, your good looks, and some solid done-for-you strategies.

You will begin by plugging in the numbers to discover your current Debt Freedom Day—based off of how the creditors want you to pay back your debts—and then we will manipulate the H-E Double Hockey Sticks out of this date in order to bring it much closer to when you want it to be (and don’t worry, it won’t include you giving up your social life or eating a daily ration of ramen noodles).

Here’s What We’re Gonna Do:
Step #1: Define Your Current Debt Freedom Date.iPad Course Graphic

Your Debt Freedom Date is the date you are on track to pay off all of your loans. After you input your specific stats in sheet one of The Debt Manipulator Workbook, your current Debt Freedom Date will be revealed to you. Then your debt is taken through a series of Debt Manipulators. As you make real-time changes, your Debt Freedom Date is automatically updated within the workbook. It’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

Step #2: Take Your Debt Through a Series of Debt Manipulators.

A Debt Manipulator is a hack that moves your Debt Freedom Date closer to today when it otherwise wouldn’t be (hey, the longer a creditor can keep you in debt, the more money they reap!). These are completely legal manipulations (such as changing the way you send in payments or finding extra cash in your current paycheck), and after you complete each one your specific Debt Freedom Day is updated to show you the improvement.

TDM Module 1
TDM Module 2
TDM Module 3
TDM Module 4
TDM Module 5
TDM Module 6
TDM Module 7
TDM Module 8
TDM Module 9
TDM Module 10
TDM Module 11
TDM Module 12
12 Modules that Look Like This


(Download, Print, Keep Forever)
The Debt Manipulator Workbook


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The Worksheets


(Download, Print, Keep Forever)


You Can Never Get Out of Debt If You Don’t Know How Much You Have


I know you don’t have much time, and perhaps your bills are hiding in a shoe box somewhere.

So guess what else I have for you? Your FREE bonus is Access to the Debt Detangler: A Quick Start Guide to TDM 3.0. This guide visually takes you through step-by-step how to figure out most (if not all) of your debts in under 20 minutes.

Quick Start Guide

Attention Small Biz Owners: Are you in debt from your small biz (hello snazzy online courses and coaching!)? Then you may want my Small Biz Extension to The Debt Manipulator. Included is the bonus you probably wish you had when you started your side hustle: Setting Up Your Small Biz Finances: The Big ­Girl­ Panties’ Guide for Your Biz.

Graphic Small Biz Bonus


What’s Included Mini-TDM 3.0 TDM 3.0 Classic Small Biz Extension
12 bite-sized lessons (6 Guided Debt Manipulators)
Membership Site Access
VIP Access to Facebook Group
2 Word-for-Word Scripts
Bonus: Quick Start Guide
Debt Manipulator Workbook
Bonus: Debt Progress Mapping
Bonus: Jedi Master Mind Tricks to Use on Debt Collectors
Bonus: Setting Up Your Small Biz Finance Guide
Total Investment $17 $37 $147


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Here are Some Debt Manipulator 3.0 Success Stories:


“Using the calculations and tips provided in the class I was able to shave 8 years off my Debt Release date!”
“The Debt Manipulator class showed me how to get to my hands around debt, list it, take control of it, and plan to pay it off. Using the calculations and tips provided in the class I was able to shave 8 years off my Debt Release date! The course showed me how not to feel overwhelmed by the debt payoff process. I’m in control now!”-Alice Sibley, $96,794.85 in Debt, Blogger
Earning My Two Cents (

Here’s how Jenny and her husband rewrote their debt story:

jenny“Lenders think they are dealing with financially savvy people (which they are, thanks to you!)”
“My husband has been very frustrated and anxious about our debt and he’s been afraid to really look at our situation because it seemed so overwhelming, especially since he lost his job nearly fours years ago. As I worked through the lessons, I shared with him what I learned and he was inspired enough that he started taking some concrete actions. He’s also been asking lenders about paying twice per month, and the effect of that seems to be an even better deal for us because the lenders think they dealing with financially savvy people (which they are, thanks to you!). Even for our mortgage debt, the current calculator has us being totally debt free by the time I’m 49 and he’s 56, which is pretty darn good I think (considering my parents are both 60s and still paying off mortgages). When I started the first lesson, it calculated that I’d be debt free at 88 years old, so getting down to 49 is a huge improvement! I hope we’ll shave even a few more years off (more than hope – I’m sure we will). Thank you.”-Jenny Fitzsimmons, $677,800 in Debt (includes mortgage)

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Can I really Help You Do this?: We Erased 10 Years Off of Our Creditors’ Debt Repayment Timetable Using these Exact Strategies

I know how you are feeling. I’ve been in your debt-heavy shoes.

My husband and I racked up and paid off $59,496 in our 20s {student loans, car note, and engagement ring}. In June 2009 we were engaged, and decided that we didn’t want to start our married lives atoning for past purchase decisions.


Why was getting out of debt before getting married so important to us?

I witnessed both sets of parents go through bankruptcy as a child. It did not happen all at once, but the signs were always popping up. There was the dodging of creditor phone calls, and the pile up of mail—mostly foreclosure notices and Ed McMahon promises—a few feet high on our breakfast bar. The amount of stress was palpable, and fear is how we made our decisions.

We didn’t want this muffin-top hanging around our marriage.

When we sat down to figure out what our combined debt loads looked like—being a financial nerd, the meeting of minds only took about a week after he popped the question—we were still $25,000 in the hole. We found out that our Debt Freedom Day was August 4, 2020 (as in over 6 years from now), and decided we had to get out of from under the weight on our own terms.

Not only did we get the debt monkey off of our backs 10 years early, but we also welcomed $950 in monthly cash flow back into our pockets {not to mention over $2,700 in interest savings from carrying the debt a shorter period of time}.

Who couldn’t use an extra $2,700?? That’s an infusion of money and a whole lotta relief padding your life-satisfaction bank.

Since then, I’ve:

  • Been featured in the Houston Chronicle, Lifehacker, money segments on ABC 13 and Fox 26, Woman’s Day Magazine…even Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Television producers called me for a phone interview (funny story there)!
  • Traveled to Austria, Alaska, Austin and several other places that don’t start with the letter “A” with my husband.
  • Built an emergency fund big enough to weather the 5-month stretch of unemployment in our household last year.
  • Quit my day job and started working full-time in my passion (you’re reading it!) over one year ago.

Hungry for more? Let me show you how to write your own debt story ending.

Mini TDM 3.0

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“Amanda is awesome to work with. I recommend her to anyone who may be struggling with financial issues.”
“When it comes to reducing debt and finding practical ways to live frugally, Amanda’s experience has been very, very helpful to me. Amanda is practical, approachable, patient and no question is too silly to ask. She has assisted me so far in paying off my unsecured debts and reducing my fixed monthly utility bills. She is awesome to work with. I recommend her to anyone who may be struggling with financial issues. A+++++.”-Jerry Simon

Take the amount you are spending each month on debt repayment, and imagine having that back in your hands months and even years earlier.

What kind of life-changing investments could you make with that money?

Choose your next step:

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Not quite ready to bust through those walls that are keeping you and your lovely whims anchored in a pile of muck? Let me see if I can answer your questions.

FAQs: Some A’s for Your Q’s

Will I need any special software to use this course?

Everything is delivered through a membership site. Modules and worksheets are in PDF form. You will need excel in order to access and work in The Debt Manipulator Workbook.

Graphic Membership Site

How can this course possibly make a difference to my debt load in 4 weeks?

The course takes you through a series of debt manipulations to show you how new ways of paying down your debt move your Debt Freedom Date closer to today. You plug these changes into the Debt Manipulator Workbook and it spits out your new Debt Freedom Date so that you can see for yourself what the changes you have made and will continue making will do for you. The course recap sheet is a summation of your Debt Freedom date when you began the course, your new one after the manipulations, and the interest you will save after you are finished (versus how you are paying down your debt at the start of the course). After you complete each module you will walk away knowing how to change your payments/behavior/etc. Moving forward, you just need to continue making payments the new way in order to get to that new Debt Freedom Day.

Do I have to share my personal financial information with you?

Absolutely not! Your Debt Manipulator Workbook is downloaded to your personal computer’s desktop, and none of the information is transmitted to me or to anyone else.

I don’t want to get into payment plans with debt collectors. Does this course say I should do that?

Nope. I don’t like debt collectors either, though if your debt is already with one then you will be forced to deal with them. However, that is not a debt manipulator within this course.

I don’t want to declare bankruptcy as a way to get rid of my debt. Does this course say I should do that?

Nope. I don’t want you to declare bankruptcy either! This is your way to {hopefully} avoid that path altogether.

I’ve been here before and gotten out and just gotten back into it again. What’s the point?

You are not alone in getting on and off of the debt cycle. This course not only shows you how to get rid of your debt the quickest and cheapest way possible, but it also teaches you money techniques that will yield you cushy savings accounts and investment accounts for years to come. With solid savings in place, you should be free of the debt cycle forever.

I have mainly private student loans that do not leave much room for negotiation. Can your course still make a difference?

Absolutely! While yes, we go over negotiating interest rates (scripts included) within the course, there are many other debt manipulators that will whip your debt into shape, even if you have non-negotiable private student loans.

I have mainly mortgage debt. Can your course still make a difference?

You bet! Each of the debt manipulators can work on mortgage debt. In fact, the first debt manipulator specifically has a way to hack at your mortgage Debt Freedom Day.

I don’t see how I can pay this debt down any sooner than it would take now.

That’s the beauty of taking a course from someone who is an expert. I’m going to teach you and stretch you beyond what you think is possible financially. This course is your shortcut to where you want to be financially. Trust me, this course is an awesome investment for the rest of your financial life.

Ready to get going? Choose your next step:

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