In no particular order, here is a list of what I deem to be the 7 deadly purchase sins that will surely keep money out of your pocket.

  1. Ideal Self Purchases:  Do you ever purchase things because the type of person whom you ideally want to be, or the person who you see yourself as, would use such items? For example, I purchase a lot of tea. In my mind I can see myself enjoying cups and cups of hot tea in handmade pottery mugs all day long, curled up with a book. In reality, I drink hot tea only a couple of times per month. Most of the money I spend on tea is wasted because ideally it is what I would like to do, but in reality I know that I will not.
  2. Self Improvement Purchases as a Way to Self Improve: I love self improvement. Whether you want to lose weight, get yourself financially fit, be more independent, live in the present moment—these are all admirable aspirations and qualities to have. But when you purchase exercise equipment as a first step in your self improvement regimen, or umpteen number of self-help books thinking that you have begun your journey, you are wasting your money.  The key to self improvement is in the first word of the phrase: “Self”. Want to lose weight? Start by looking at your diet, your exercise, emotional cravings, etc. Want to become financially fit? Analyze your bank statement and figure out where your money is going, then sit down and write some goals. Of course having equipment to help you exercise and books to seek guidance from is important, but purchasing self improvement products without actually putting in the effort is wasted money. Start with your Self.
  3. Status Symbol Purchases: Enough has been written on this category. Basically, when you are making a purchase, ask yourself why you are purchasing that product. If you have visions of suddenly becoming cool, of others wanting to be like you, of attracting a mate, etc., then ask yourself if you really should be making that purchase. This is especially true if you cannot afford it.
  4. Guilt Purchases: Have you ever bought a gift for someone because you felt bad for the way that you behaved, or because you have not spent enough time with that person and so you are trying to make it up to them by purchasing something? Don’t make the purchase, make the amends instead.
  5. Laziness Purchases: Some examples of these purchases could include purchasing convenience foods because you don’t make the time to cook as often as you should (my favorite being cheesecake filling in a container that came out a few years ago, where you literally just put the cheesecake filling into a pre-made graham cracker crust, and viola! Almost like homemade…), buying new instead of repairing for simple repairs, not taking care of personal belongings and thus having to replace them every season (like a rusted grill you could have wheeled into the garage), etc. Are there any areas in your life where you throw money at out of convenience? Once again, not all of these purchases are bad, but if you make a consistent habit of doing them, they will drain your bank account.
  6. Because-it’s-Cheap Purchases: I am a sucker for a great sale, and I love to buy bulk. But sometimes, buying an item because it is cheap does not make financial sense. In my own life some examples include a bulk package of Dove deodorants I bought after graduating college; out of the 7 extra large sticks, only three of them I could use before they expired. Another example is when I find a pair of pants that are insanely cheap, and even though they don’t fit me in a slight way (making them not my number one choice when I open my dresser each morning), I purchase them because they are so cheap. Note to self: cheap and bulk products are only helpful if you will actually make use of them.
  7. Obligatory Purchases: This category can include many things, such as Christmas presents for all of your family, office presents for other coworkers, expensive gifts for the boss, picking up the restaurant or bar tab for a group of friends, etc. Once again, these are all nice things, but not if you do not have the money.

Let Me Now Reveal My List of Stupid Money Spent

  • Seeds and soil purchase when we got the crazy idea to start seeds in the dead of summer in Houston, and they all took turns sprouting and abruptly dying in the intense heat. Cost: $18.39
  • Paying an insurance broker a fee, who we later learned makes commission from selling us homeowner’s insurance. Cost: $195
  • Parking ticket. Cost: $60
  • Speeding ticket in the little town of Bonita, Louisiana (in our defense, we were going six miles over the speed limit, which I consider notto be reckless). Cost: $220.50
  • Car Registration fee right before my Chevy cavalier broke down (received the non-refundable stickers in the mail the week after): Cost: $54.00
  • Repairs (gave it a tune-up) put into my broken down car before the mechanic realized it wasn’t worth it. Cost: $212
  • After being delayed at an airport until 3:00 a.m., we had to rent a vehicle for one night to get us home, and then my parents drove us back to a drop-off point the next day. (The waste is in the high cost of renting a car at an airport versus at another location). Cost: $191
  • In reference to the above delay at the airport, we bought a deck of cards for an outrageousCost: $4.50
  • Paying for a premium dental plan, which you need to be apart of for 3 years in order for your most basic dental care needs to be substantially covered, when I could have been a part of another plan that covers both your basics and other dental needs. (My last cleaning was $7). Cost: $117.00 (9 months at $13 extra dollars per month)
  • Paying a serviceman when our dishwasher stopped working. It ended up being a switch that somehow had turned off by itself…(Lyla? We’re so embarrassed). Cost: $60.

Total: $1132.39

What are some things that you feel you wasted money on this year?

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  1. BluSky
    BluSky says:

    1. Yes
    2. No, I’m waiting to win the lottery to be perfect 🙂
    3. See my answer to #2
    4. No, I’m always nice to people 🙂
    5. All the time!
    6. Was much worse about this when I was younger. You eventually learn not to do it.
    7. Yes and I find it really annoying.

  2. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    1. I’ve made a couple of Ideal purchases int he past, but I haven’t since I realized what I was doing 5 years ago.

    2. I bought a cheap self-propelled treadmill 8 years ago in college thinking it would make me exercise…I hated the thing, used it as a clothes hanger for a year, and finally sold it for a profit when I came to my senses…haven’t made an unecessary self-help purchase since then.

    3. Nope…never really cared about status symbols…

    4. Nope. I learned to apologize in my teens while my hormones were raging…I know when I mess up and apologize as soon as I can.

    5. This would be where most of our wasted money goes…my husband and I make convenience purchases all the time. We’re trying to cut make in unecessary food expenses this year…more cooking at home and less eating out.

    6. Nope…I hate unloading my car (see lazy above), so I only buy what we use. We buy staples in bulk.

    7. We do make obligatory gift purchases, but I try to make it fun. If I like/love the person, I love finding the right gift for them. If I’m not that close to them, but have to get them a gift for some reason anyway, I find gift cards at a discount on Ebay or Discover. I make it a game to find the best deal.

  3. Forest
    Forest says:

    Ha ha, this is a great post.

    The tea thing is me… I do love tea but it goes in stages, I have loads of teas wasting in my cupboard, I better go and brew one now 🙂

  4. Dana Twight
    Dana Twight says:

    Very nice list of why we buy. It’s not enough to list expenses, but I do have my clients begin there. #6-I’ve seen many purchases “because it’s on sale”, but it wasn’t on the original list. Like cheap shoes….

    And for #7, obligatory purchases are often left out of annual budgeting plans. They can also be an area where unconscious “keeping up with the Joneses/relatives” comes into play. My sister spent $40 on my birthday present, so now I have to do the same…

    • FruGal
      FruGal says:

      You must see a lot as a financial advisor! How long have you been in the business? What made you want to work with people and their finances?


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