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It’s been a week since I introduced the Pre-Holiday Purge Challenge, so I wanted to quickly update everyone with our progress.

FrugalConfessions (2)

My husband, Paul, is now heading up this challenge for our household. Having a partner to work on the details of this project could not come at a better time as I am spending most of my energy on secret, super-exciting projects for Frugal Confessions!

So far, Paul has listed $160 worth of items on both Craigslist and He included a picture and a description for each item, and the total listing time took him 45 minutes to complete.

Here are the items that have been listed and preliminary prices:

  1. Mini-Fridge: Listed on Craigslist for $65
  2. Craftsman 6.0 lawn mower—needs work/a tune-up: Listed on Craigslist for $70
  3. Lost Season 4: Listed on for $10
  4. Laptop Bag: Listed on Craigslist for $15.00
  5. Central A/C Unit (can only be sold to a licensed A/C person): $250

The results? Well, not too exciting yet. On our way back from our free date at the zoo yesterday we stopped at a Half Price Books store and were able to offload 7 items for a total of $12.


It's a start!

I also found another possible site to list our items for trade-in, though the outcome is an gift card and not cash.

How is your challenge going? Have you offloaded any items yet, or made any money?

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3 replies
  1. Bradley
    Bradley says:

    Things are nicely progressing on your corner and it’s good to see. I’m just preparing my stuffs to off load and hopefully a great value will everyone offer to my asking prices. I’m about to give out my all PS3 gaming disks along with my PS3 console. Looking forward to grab the PS4, so it’s important to get rid of the older console!! Thanks. 🙂

  2. Tushar @ Everything Finance
    Tushar @ Everything Finance says:

    I’ve been trying to declutter, too. It’s hard to sell things on Craigslist sometimes, because it takes a lot of time to list the items and it’s exhausting having people come in and out of your home to look at the stuff.

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