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Are you ready to find extra cash in that paycheck of yours? Let’s slash your spending at the drugstore (while still enjoying all of the brands you love). 

jenny“So glad I read your book.”
“I have to share–2 wks ago we went to CVS, purchased $20 worth of merchandise for $0 out of pocket (using ExtraCare bucks).This weekend we went to CVS and purchased $20 worth of merchandise and only spent $3 out of pocket. I walked out with another $5 in ExtraCare bucks! I’m so glad I read your book…”-Jen Davis, Drugstore Gamer Extraordinaire

cvs kindle 2
What could you do with an extra $500 per year? How about an extra $500 plus cupboards full of your favorite brands and newest products?

This is the book that CVS prefers you do not read…because it shows you how to legally game their system in your favor. No extreme couponing here (who has the time?), and plenty of show-and-tell including actual receipts, specific tools, and photos.

Hint: there are no binders, no folders, and very little clipping involved. Instead, there is an exciting system that will leave others wondering how you pay next to nothing for your basket full of your favorite brands. Make back the cost of the book in your first trip!

Get your game on for just $4.97!

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crystal stemberger“I am not much of a coupon cutter, but I just finished this eBook and am revved to start!”
“It literally walks you through saving money at CVS using your sunday paper along with a ton of other places you can find coupons if you like. In the end, you can build up quite a treasure trove of toiletries and whatnot, and I love the idea of then donating your pretty-much-free items that you won’t use. Overall, this is a great step-by-step eBook that covers the entire CVS-couponing process including trouble-shooting. Thanks Amanda!”-Crystal E Stemberger, Drugstore Game Convert

Mike Collins“I’ve seen people walking out of CVS with bags full of stuff and paying almost nothing for it, but I never knew how they did it.”
“I always assumed they spent countless hours clipping coupons and monitoring prices and I didn’t think it was worth all the effort. But after reading The CVS Drugstore Game I realized I was wrong. The author lays out a simple step-by-step plan that will enable you to go home with name brand items at deeply discounted prices… or even completely free. It’s a quick read and definitely worth it.”-Mike Collins, Drugstore Game Believer

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Sherian Walgreens“The book does all the work for you.”
“My husband and I did the whole couponing/drugstore thing a few years ago and I loved it! The thing is, we did all the leg work ourselves… We got a bit burnt out, but reading this book has me ready to give it another go. The book does all the work for you. It gives you step-by-step details so you understand EVERYTHING you’re doing when it comes to saving a bit at Walgreens… If you want to save money while getting great products, this book is a great resource to have. You’ll definitely understand what the big deal is about couponing!”-Sherrian Crumbley, Recovered Gamer

Walgreens Kindle 2

Imagine your shelves lined with six month’s supply of your favorite branded toiletries
so that the next time you need an item, you shop under your sink instead of rushing to the store.

It’s not because you are preparing for the zombie apocalypse…it’s because you have learned how to play the Drugstore Game.

For less than the cost of a razor (which you will score for free over and over again using these strategies), I will teach you the strategy that will yield you severely discounted products on repeat.

Get your game on for just $4.97!

Available on Amazon

“Extemely helpful and comprehensive book.”
“Extremely helpful and comprehensive book. Lots of resources, specifics, images, and details presented. If you are interested in saving money each month using the author’s system, definitely get this book.”– Tara Ross, Walgreens Gaming Advocate

“Must read if you shop Walgreens.”
“A good read if you shop at Walgreens and want to save money. Walgreens is expensive if you don’t take advantage of these tips.”– Elaine Beardshall, Smart Shopper