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Saving and Sacrificing Without Purpose: Why Do I Want to be Rich?

Why do I want to be rich? Asking this question clarifies what "rich" means to you, plus unlocks one key of happiness that most rich people never get. I want to be rich. I’ve never actually said that out loud, much less confessed it to…
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Bank It!

My most effective savings strategy is the monthly automatic withdrawals of a consistent percentage of my paychecks into my savings account. As the year goes on, I know that my account will continue to accumulate, barring any unforeseen natural…
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Amish Money Management + Usable Amish Saving Tips (for the rest of us)

What does Amish money management look like? How do Amish make money, and what are usable Amish money saving tips? Let's talk about all things Amish money and Amish money management. One foreign area still remains within the borders of the United…
amish people in open buggy on road
amish people in open buggy on road