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Our Household’s Two-Car vs. One-Car Debate

Downsizing to one car to become a one-car family is not always a popular idea. Let me show you how our last year with just one car has gone, and why you might want to try it.  Have you ever thought about downsizing your car to become a one-car family? We've actually been a one-car […]

New Car Vs. Used Car: Why We Will Buy Used

Wondering should you buy new or used cars? I’d like to show you our own history with buying used versus when we bought new to help you decide. Should you buy new or used cars? For us, I can easily and decisively say that all of the new cars we purchase in the future will […]

Car Gift Ideas for Used Car Owners

Need some car gift ideas for that beater car or used car owner in your life? I’ve got you covered with both car safety items, car accessories gift ideas, and more. I’ve owned a beater car for 18 years now – in fact, I’ve never had a car payment in my entire life! So, I […]