kids money stories

Books to Make Your Tween Money Whip-Smart

I did this fun study of money books for kids. For the last several weeks I've checked out no less than 30 different stories about money for kids from our local library, all based on recommendations from parents. For awhile, our home was filled…
kids money stories

Money Stories to Read Your Whip-Smart, Pre-Tween

Welcome to the second part of my Money Stories to Read Your Kid series (click here if you missed the first part, my list of books to read to Preschoolers, or the 5 and under crowd. Looking for Tween money books? Look no further). Now we're…
kids money stories

Money Stories the Prez Would Recommend You Read for a Whip-Smart Preschooler

It's highly likely your Pre-K kiddo has started asking questions about money (and if they haven't, then they're holding them in...then again, when have you known ANY Pre-K kid to hold ANYTHING in?). Maybe they don't know exactly how to describe…
money games

11 Free, Fun Money Games for Kids Online

  Looking for fun money games for kids online so that you can get your child interested and learning about what makes the world go 'round? You should be! According to T. Rowe Price's 2014 Kids and Money Survey, "Over two-thirds of…
how to deal with debt collectors

How to Deal with Debt Collectors - 7 Deadly Sins You're Committing

How to deal with debt collectors? I can guarantee you're going to commit one of these 7 deadly sins if you don't read this ahead of time. Save yourself the hassle! Have you ever had the pleasure of speaking with a debt collector? Given the…