Thanksgiving is its Own Holiday, not Just a Blip on Santa’s Radar

One of those Facebook pops of wisdom (via showed up on my wall the other day. Normally these are quirky and satirical observations that most of us can relate to, but this one spoke to me in a different way. It stated, “Black…
grow your money

Creating Financial Synergy in Your Life

You can grow your money MUCH faster if you increase the financial synergy in your life. I'll explain. You know that feeling of experiencing something that is greater than yourself? Something that cannot be created just so again, because each…
house projects

How to Juggle Paying Off Debt while Paying for House Projects

Jump back to Chapter 1 of our marriage, just four short years ago, and you will see a very different angle to our story. My husband and I had just gotten engaged and purchased our new home in Houston TX. When sitting down to formally combine…