money tips

Finding Your Own Way through the Financial Advice Minefield

Money tips to help you get through the minefield of personal finance advice and make it make sense for YOUR situation. I love personal finance. I’m a numbers geek and have a budget sheet {+ exploratory budget sheets} to back that up. Me…
you need a budget

I Broke a Guideline and Why You Should, Too

How to manage your money in a way that doesn't drive you crazy (hint: they call it "personal" finance for a reason). Money is not a one-size-fits-all subject. There are general guidelines and rules that, if followed, will get you far. But…
how to choose credit card

Filing Your Taxes for Free and Finding Free Tax Return Help

Paying upwards of $100 for the privilege of filing taxes sounds about as fun as paying for the privilege of someone flicking on your light switch to make your dishwasher miraculously work again {don't ask}. You may have a very good reason…
tax strategy examples

Double Down this Tax Season {No Casino Necessary}

Let me share four of my tax strategy examples to show you how to earn more money on that tax return (including a way to "roll" your tax credit!).  Isn’t it human nature to want just a little more? This time of year can feel like winning…
How do Olympic athletes make a living

How Olympic Athletes Fund their Dream

How do Olympic athletes make a living? Most are not wealthy, and most have to fund their own training. I think many of us tend to assume that anyone who has a show on television, stars in a movie, or who competes in sports at the Olympic-level…
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Blogger + Small Business Resources

This past year I went through a blogging and business boot camp of sorts—at times, it was as intense as that college semester when I took 22 credits, worked part-time, wrote my 72-page senior thesis, and held down an internship. And yet it…