free kindle books

Finding Free eBooks to Read on the Free Kindle App

Truth be told, I love to read actual, touchable books. I love the crisp, new pages, I love the smell of ink and paper as I open them up, and I take pains to not crease the binds while devouring the content (something that drives my husband—a…
celebrity prepaid debit card

Move over Milan: The Latest Fashion Trend for Hollywood is the Prepaid Debit Card Line

Celebrity prepaid debit cards are getting really fashionable! Let me show you some of the more outrageous ones.  Amanda's Post Update 09/12/2016: WOW. Apparently others weren't keen on all the fees these trendy cards carried as well! I've…
savings for children

Financial Accounts with Free Benefits to Help You Save for Your Child’s Future

Many parents want to build some sort of financial cushion for when their child moves out of the nest and is confronted with the big bills (like textbooks, college tuition, first apartment, down payment on their first home, etc.). Opening up…
you need a budget

Adjust Your Internal Sensors to Trigger Financial Alerts at Lower Thresholds

Sick of being told you need a budget? I've got another way for you try to manage your money without breaking out excel. Many of you know that I used to work as an environmental investigator for the state. One of the most important parts of…
how to save money on electric bills in apartment

How to Save Money on Electric Bill in Apartment

The behavioral changes + tools + tricks you need for how to save money on electric bill in apartment.  How to save money on electric bill in apartment when you can't make the kinds of changes you could in a home? Owning a home yields many…
work from home

Blogging and Writing Full-Time: One Month Update

One of the most bizarre moments in Downtown Abbey for me was when the baffled Dowager Countess of Grantham—who has never worked a day in her life—asks, “What is a weekend?” For us working folk, the weekend marks the ending of 40+ hours…