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The Big Reveal: Did We Meet our Goal of Saving 50% of Our Take Home Pay in 2011?

In a word, no. But what a great experience! I always believe that you should shoot for the heavens because when you miss you will still fall among the stars—and the stars are a beautiful place to be. Here is a great example of this in action:…
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Donate Money by Giving Your Time on Your Computer

Charitable giving doesn't have to end just because you don't have money. Here are ways to be charitable without giving money (and yes, your efforts will actually still donate money to the organization!). The end of the year is a popular time…
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Text Spamming: Does it Cost You Money?

Why am I getting spam text messages? Take a look at the law, and how to text spam report so that you can get it to stop.  I’ve been ignoring text spams on my phone for too long. It started out with just one text spam out of the blue…
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Making a Little Extra Cash Online

Who couldn’t use more money, especially at this time of year? I am here to tell you that there are ways to earn money from home. However, to be very honest, it is easier to earn gift cards from home; to be even more honest, you could earn…