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Direct Selling: The Potential to Increase Your Bottom Line and Your Cupboards

Visualize this scene: I am sitting with my sister at a Tupperware rally (aka, a revival for consumerism). There are streamers, there is glitter all over the berber carpeting, and there are spray-tan women with microphones. As an early-twenty…
denmark happiest country

Denmark: Highest Tax Rate and Happiest People

Most of us don’t like paying taxes because it is more money out of our pockets. This can be especially true if we do not believe in the types of policies or programs our tax money is funding. Because of this, you would think that the country…
do amish pay taxes

Do the Amish Pay Taxes?

Do Amish pay taxes? How about, do Mennonites pay taxes? We'll look at the facts for if Amish pay income tax, property taxes, sales taxes, etc.  The tax deadline is upon us, and I wanted to take this opportunity to shed some light on a very…
suze vs dave

Suze Orman Gives Dave Ramsey the Financial Smackdown: Whose Side are You On?

Two Saturday nights ago I had settled in for a long stretch of great financial television: Suze Orman’s show at eight followed by Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s ‘Til Debt Do Us Part at nine. Suze’s Moneylogue that night was called “Don’t be…