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Frugal Uses for Used Candle and Food Jars

Our garage shelves have slowly been filling up with empty food jars from Paul’s pickle addiction, spaghetti sauces, and my own indulgence: roasted sweet peppers.  Many of the jars are filled with random nuts, screws, and bolts but the others are just sitting there, full of potential. Adding to this empty jar collection are several jar candles hanging around the house with soot-coated rims and an annoyingly small amount of wax stuck to the bottoms.  It seems like such a waste to just recycle them, but I haven’t given much thought to what else we could do until a bad cold over the last few days gave me the time to indulge my crafty side. In between lying on the couch, going to the Laundromat (you read that right—the control board on our new washing machine died) and washing dishes (did I mention that our dishwasher died as well?), I took the time to research lots of ideas for used jars and also to recreate a few in our home (photos below).

Note: Though some people seem to not make a distinction, I would recommend not using old candle jars for food-related repurposing.

Have you found uses for your old food and candle jars? I’d love to hear more!

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  • Thanks for the shout out! Great round up!
    Amanda recently posted..Shimmering Valentine Gift Boxes

    • FruGal

      Hi Amanda! You are welcome.

  • Been using an old candle jar for a change jar on my dresser for years now. The problem is, it’s clear and you can see all the quarters which tend to disappear. It’s filled mostly with penny’s nickle’s and dimes now.

    Also, I can’t bring myself to ever throw away a coffee can. I still have tons of the old metal ones (that they don’t make anymore). Over the years I have found several uses for these. Currently, one of the new plastic Maxwell House canisters (with convenient handle) is used as a sidewalk salt spreader for our driveway and sidewalk.
    Matt recently posted..Free Money is Just a Phone Call Away

    • FruGal

      Coffee cans are another great resource people usually recycle (or toss all together). We use a plstic one with the handle for a kitchen compost holder (we don’t drink coffee at home, so I got it from work). The only problem is we tend to leave the scraps in there for a week…and then it gets moldy.

      Oh well–still ends up in the bin!

  • These are all great ideas!
    Michelle recently posted..How I plan on upping our curb appeal

    • FruGal

      Thank you Michelle! I was pretty excited working on this post:). And I LOVE our new dish soap dispenser in the kitchen. Almost makes me want to do dishes…

  • I love the soap dispenser idea! A lot! I just pinned this thing about making olive oil candles…so maybe I’ll have to do that, too. I’ve been saving up tin cans to make a candle garland similar to the hanging jar candle holders, too.
    femmefrugality recently posted..Free Thursdays at the Carnegie Musuems

  • mary w

    I’m trying to eradicate plastic from my kitchen. I use jars to hold leftovers and for freezing liquids (chicken broth, tomato sauce, etc). Just be sure to leave a bit of room for expansion if freezing.

    I also make and then store yogert in glass jars.

    • FruGal

      Nice! I have never made yogurt.

  • Lady Blea

    I always buy candle holders that are made from cast iron. They look classic and they are quite heavy too.’;:”;

    Many thanks“>

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