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It’s Frugal Confessions Friday!!

Hello Frugal Confessions Readers! If you are new to this series, check out the introduction here.

I’ve been dying to share this one with you:

Since moving into our new home in September, we have wanted to get rid of a mid-sized evergreen tree that is planted along our fence line. It doesn’t go with the tropical feel of the rest of our property (think palm trees, tropical plants and vines, etc.), plus this tree keeps the sun from shining down on an area of our yard that we hope to turn into a vegetable garden.

Paul wanted to chop it down a month or so ago, but I made him wait…so that we could use it for our Christmas tree!

Chopped Christmas Tree from our Backyard

Chopped Christmas Tree from our Backyard

This is quite the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but I am so impressed with my idea! We saved $35!!!!

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

What are ways that you have saved money this past week, or from previous weeks? I’d love to hear them. Happy Friday!

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  • Only my sister would get excited about a tree that looked like that!!!!! Nice save…I guess.

  • FruGal

    Hahahahaha! Paul is a little down about our tree:). But I love it!

  • BluSky

    He should like the tree if for no other reason than it’s y’all’s first tree in your first house.

    What I did is picked up a prescription that normally runs me $114 a month for- nada. No, I didn’t steal it either 😉

  • That’s great BluSky! How’d you do that? Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  • BluSky

    The short answer is that I got it from the manufacturer. I am enjoying my weekend and hope that y’all are as awell.

  • The Alber_troz

    My GOD !!!! REally????? You should have spent the money. Next year CC is going to spend 70 bucks on the tree.

    Where are the decorations? Please submit the decorated version….Merry Christmas. That made me tear up…from laughter.

  • Cypress

    I LOVE that tree! Charlie Brown trees are always a great holiday reminder that meager beginnings are often divine.

  • Hello Cypress!

    Thank you:).
    Amanda L. Grossman recently posted..Put the Right Foot Forward With Debt Consolidation

  • Edward Bear

    Hmm that looks like a Norfolk Island pine which grows in some relatively tropical climes. I would have left it alone. We have a fake tree bought right after Christmas one year for peanuts. Once we have all the family decorations on it you cannot tell the difference. They last for many Christmases and don’t take live any oxygen producing trees out of action…

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