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FFFF: Frugal Fall Family Fun (Say That Three Times Fast)

It is that beautiful time of year when the leaves begin to turn different colors, kids go back to school, football season starts (my husband made me put that one in), and our electricity bill drops back down to a non eye-popping level. Can you feel the excitement everywhere—that cyclical and welcomed change perched all around for the taking?

I thought it would be fun to list some great frugal fall activities for you and your family. Check them out, and leave your own ideas in the comments section below!

  1. Make a Set of Family Scarecrows: Got some old clothes you haven’t donated yet? Get each family member to pick out an outfit (long sleeved shirt and pants) and purchase one or two bails of straw from a local farmer or feed store. Stuff the shirt and pants with straw, tuck in the shirt, and use either the cut bailer twine or a belt to cinch the shirt and pants together. Fill an old pillowcase up with straw and use markers to make a face (secure into a face-like shape with a rubberband), or use a pumpkin for the head. Use an old fence post or other scrap of long wood to stake each member up and display in your front yard!
  2. Make Peanut Butter Bird Feeders: Visit a local park or go on a walk and collect pine cones. When you get home, slather the pine cones in peanut butter, then roll each in birdseed (hint: if you are in Houston, the cheapest wild bird seed I have found is at Kroger’s). Tie to a tree with a piece of string.
  3. Go to a Local Football Game: Can’t or don’t want to afford a ticket to an NFL game? Take your family to a Friday night high school one instead. Be sure to bring a blanket that you all can snuggle under!
  4. Make Homemade Creepy Crawlers: I was a creepy crawler kid. Forget about an Easy Bake Oven; I wanted my oven to make spindly and rubbery creatures of all sorts. Here is a recipe for homemade creepy crawlers that you don’t need to bake. Visit a craft store and find insect molds.
  5. Go Antiquing: Paul and I have an incredible amount of fun going antiquing without spending a dime. Now that it is a little bit cooler out, go to a location with a cluster of antique stores (for us, we recently went to Westheimer), and putz around indoors on a lazy afternoon. What treasures can you find?
  6. Visit a Pet Store: What could be more fun than window shopping at a pet store?  Go on the weekends when the pet store has many pets to adopt so that you can play with them. Perhaps you will see one that would be perfect for someone you know.  Check out the fish as well—very soothing. You may also sign up for a program where your family can foster an animal.
  7. Pick Pumpkins: Many people purchase pumpkins this time of year, so take it one step further, and find a pumpkin patch where you get to choose your own. Everyone will have a great time picking out the one, and then you can all go home and think about how you will carve them.
  8. Carve Pumpkins: Speaking of carving pumpkins, there are many great free pumpkin designs available on the web that you can print out to add some flare to your typical triangle eyes and toothless mouths. Don’t forget to bake the seeds with a little bit of salt for a healthy snack.
  9. Turn Off the TV and Tell Ghost Stories: My Aunt and Uncle got us the series “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” which I still treasure today. With nighttime creeping in earlier and earlier, take advantage of the dark. Turn off the t.v., light some candles, and share some of your own ghost stories from childhood (or make one up as you go).

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  • Love these ideas! Our family made a scarecrow family last weekend, and the kids are still playing with them!

  • I love the scarecrow idea and have to admit it’s something I’ve NEVER even thought of. That sounds like a ton of fun. Another fun fall activity I’d add to the list is apple picking. It’s kind of cheesy, but I feel like it’s always a good time! Awesome post.

  • Aurora

    Ahh, I love the fall and all these fall activity ideas! I second the apple-picking idea, we do it every year and then make huge batches of applesauce to can and enjoy throughout the rest of the year. We’re carving pumpkins with my family this weekend, I can’t wait! Also, I remember you and I reading from that scary stories book!! I am inspired to buy a scary stories book and have some fun with my 8 year old niece and Little Sister.

    • FruGal

      Hello! The fall is such a lovely time of year:). I love those scarey story books–there is something really neat about them. Enjoy the changing of the leaves up North! Right now it is only getting to the lower 80s during the day, and some of the leaves have begun to drop. Thanks for your comment.

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