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It’s Frugal Confessions Friday!!!

Hello Frugal Confessions Readers! I hope everyone is well–I have missed you guys:).

Paul and I are back from our honeymoon (actually we flew home late Monday night). Well…we will lovingly call hanging out with our family and friends, and a few days in my family’s cabin in the mountains of PA our honeymoon #1, as we were unable to go to Austria because of the volcano. Wow–who knew? Fortunately we will be only postponing Austria until later this year, most likely November.

Here’s my frugal confession of the week:

We were originally going to fly home to Houston last Thursday night, and spend a quiet, relaxing weekend at home with Lyla. However, the cheapest tickets we could find for both of us for a one-way trip was $800!!!! It is because it was last Monday that we were attempting to buy these tickets–although I really thought we should have been able to find great last minute tickets for flights without many passengers. So, instead we put on our frugal caps and decided to purchase tickets 7 days in advance, or Monday night. The tickets home then were “only” $300, which is a savings to us of $500.

What is your frugal confession of the week? I’d love to hear it!

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  • Aurora

    My frugal confession has to do with starting seeds for our garden…instead of buying little peat pots to start our seedlings in, this year we used empty egg cartons. So far they have worked out great!

  • Hey Aurora,

    Way to go! Thanks for sharing.

  • Congrats on the wedding! Your honeymoon #1 sounded pretty great to me!

    My frugal confession is actually about making money instead of saving money.

    Last week, I sold an ad on my blog for x amount. The same company wanted to buy a second ad a couple of days later at a discount, but I held firm through two emails strings and they finally caved. I stink at holding firm, so I was so proud! I’m now a paid blogger!

  • Dear Crystal,

    Wow–that is fantastic!!! Do you mind emailing me and detailing how you found a company who wanted to place an ad? I’d love to learn:). Very exciting day in the life of any blogger:).

  • Well, this is a “modest” confession – but one that made me happy :)

    I was looking through a file this morning and came across an old frequent purchase punchcard for a local restaurant. The way it worked was typical – each time you come into the place and buy a meal, present the card and they will hole punch it. After 6 meals on separate visits, your 7th is free.This had been a few years since I had been there, and had forgotten about this card.

    Guess where I had had lunch today:)

  • Squirrelers: Hurrah! Great find:).

  • BluSky

    I’m working again now (Hooray!) so I’m going to count the fact that I’m no longer hemorrhaging money as saving money :)

    Btw, I checked your photo widget before I even read your post and I was like,”There’s no photos of Austria in there….”. Think of it this way, now you have an extra few months to save money for it :)

  • Hi Blusky! That is fantastic–congratulations! I will be posting wedding photos soon:). They turned out beautifully, as did the wedding.

    Have a great weekend!

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