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Hello Frugal Confessions Readers!

Here’s my Confession of the week:

Typically I don’t spend a lot of money on wrapping paper (are you surprised:))? But this year, as I was reading my free Oprah O magazine, I saw a coupon for $5 off $5 or more spent at the Hallmark store. So, for $1.80, I purchased two mega rolls of gorgeous Hallmark Christmas wrapping paper! How cool is that?

What is your confession of the week? I’d love to hear it!

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  • Aurora

    Nice deal, and thanks for sharing- I scored that one also!!

    My frugal confession you already know about, but for the sake of other readers I’ll share: I knew I wanted both Scott & I to travel to Texas to visit you & Paul before we had a baby, but with an anniversary trip to Italy planned, then the holidays, then furnishing a nursery & preparing for our little one, I really wasn’t excited about adding the cost of 2 round-trip airfares! But regardless, I didn’t want to have to sacrifice a trip to visit you! So back in July or August I found this awesome Southwest credit card deal (courtesy of I think) where you got one free roundtrip ticket after your first purchase, and then if you spend so many thousands of dollars in the first 3 months of having the card, you could earn $250 in gift cards. Now normally we would not have made the threshold to earn all the gift cards in the first 3 months, but since we were about to book our trip to Italy, I put our trip on the credit card and easily earned both the round trip flight & $250 in southwest gift cards, hurrah! And now our trip is booked, and the rest of our financial plans are on track :) See you next month!!!!! :)

    • FruGal


      I am glad you score on the Hallmark as well and super happy you guys are coming! Way to use your smarts and get your tickets for free:).

      It’s only like a month away!

    • FruGal

      P.S. Did you notice I added a feature where you can subscribe to comments?

  • I scored that deal too. My son was begging to buy wrapping paper with his allowance money way back in November. I convinced him to wait for a deal, and he was able to use the coupon to get it cheaply. (It is never too early to teach him how to wait to pay less!)
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    • FruGal

      That is adorable that your son wanted to buy wrapping paper with his allowance money!

  • Lauren

    Nothing too exciting this week. I defended my proposal so there was NO time for saving money. But, I did make some cookies for my defense. 50 cookies for $5 (or so) equals 10 cents a cookie. Way better price than store-bought (usually around $3 for 12 or something similar). I also made potato latkes which turned out much cheaper than buying the mix.

  • My frugal confession of the week is buying my xmas cards from the dollar store!
    Though i confess that i bought my xmas cards from the dollar store in the note!

    I love pretty wrapping paper, especially when it is cheap!

  • After we use up the last of our wrapping paper we plan to stop using it entirely. Our plan is to use re-usable cloth wrapping and newspaper. Newspaper isn’t festive but we’re finding it hard to justify buying paper – while we do recycle it the pulp and paper plants pollute a lot.
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    • FruGal


      Newspaper could be great though–especially the funnies. Thanks for sharing!

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