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Frugal Confessions Friday – Frugal Living

Hello Frugal Confessions Readers!

Here is my confession of the week:

I had all kinds of great entertainment and fun for very cheap last weekend, which was sorely needed after being stuck inside for most of Christmas break with the flu. On Saturday I hung out with my blogging friend Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and a bunch of her friends. I played a video game for the first time in years, and then a group of us played the board game Power Grid. Lots of fun! On Sunday I woke up early (without an alarm clock) and went to the $5 community hot yoga class at YogaOne Studios. Then we went to Paul’s parent’s house for a Sunday family dinner (and football). On Monday night I went to my first local meet-up of a Stitch N’ *itch club for free.

The total cost for a weekend full of fun and entertainment was only $20. Hurrah!

What is your confession of the week? I’d love to hear it!

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