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by on November 30, 2012 · 8 comments

Hello Frugal Confessions Readers! Happy Friday.

Here is my frugal confession of the week:

My husband came up with a great idea about six months ago: to visit my aunt and uncle in Michigan for Thanksgiving. The only problem? When I looked at tickets to the very pricey Michigan airfare market, it turned out that it would cost us a staggering $1400 to fly round trip. WOW! Still, I value spending time with family and knew that this would be a wonderful experience. On top of seeing my aunt and uncle, family was driving in from PA now and I didn’t want to miss out on being together. So I had to find a way to get us to Michigan for Thanksgiving, and to not spend an arm and a leg doing so.

I decided to take Southwest Airlines up on their credit card offer for two roundtrip tickets by opening up a credit card with them, paying a $99 annual fee, and making one purchase (Southwest is running a similar deal now, though you have to make $2,000 in purchases in the first three months for the tickets). Even with this strategy, the free roundtrip ticket offer only covered $800. So on top of this I used all of Paul’s frequent flyer miles he had accumulated this past year from traveling for business. Problem solved! We paid $20 in security fees, plus the $99 in annual fees for the credit card. We also ended up having to rent a car because the trip from the airport to their home was 2.5 hours and I didn’t want them to have to drive five hours just to pick us up.

What a lovely six days we had together!

What is your confession of the week? I’d love to hear it!

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Money Beagle

Hope you enjoyed your time in our great state! :)
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Sounds like a great trip! Glad the airline deal made it possible!


Amanda L Grossman

Thank you Money Beagle and Christa! We had such a wonderful holiday. And yes–a big thank you to Southwest for that deal!
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Thanks for the tip! My husband and I want to go to Denver next summer to visit some family but the airfare cost is outrageous and I thought we weren’t going to be able to go. But I just signed us up for the Southwest/Chase credit card you mentioned above and we’ll definitely be able to afford the trip after we receive our two free roundtrip tickets! Whoohoo!


Amanda L Grossman

Oh Crystal, I am so happy to hear that! Thank you for taking the time to share, and may your trip be awesome:).
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