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Frugal Confessions Friday – Frugal Living

Hello Frugal Confessions Readers!

Here is my frugal confession of the week:

I’ve written in the last few weeks about my repeated bouts of respiratory sickness this year. While I have started taking food-based vitamins and exercising (now that I can breathe again!), I want to continue seeking out any possible issues in my environment that could be causing a problem. We moved into our home in September 2009, and have no idea when the ductwork was last cleaned and treated for mold. I am highly allergic to mold (or at least to Penicillen, which turns me into a swollen purple monster!). So, we have decided that it is very important for us to clean our ductwork.

Paul spent a few hours searching around for pricing and the prognosis was expensive (like $300-$500, yikes!). And then, just last week, a group-buying deal came showed up in my inbox. Ductwork/vent cleaning and sanitizing for $99. I kid you not–score! I bought it without hesitation and look forward to scheduling the appointment as quickly as possible.

What is your confession of the week? I’d love to hear it!

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  • Michelle

    My husband and I found out we are expecting our first child on Thanksgiving and since then meals out have gotten ALOT cheaper on my side. A big expense for me was wine or a cocktail at dinner….now its just water. Plus I have no appetite right now, so I am ordering less and making leftovers last for 2 more meals.
    I am hoping to use tips I have gained on PF blogs when it comes time to shop for the baby too.

  • Emily Woodhouse

    I’m allergic to rashes. So it takes always to ensure that all parts of the house, especially couches & beds are well vacuumed. I’m lucky that I got a hubby who takes special care of that. Glad to see that there you got a cheap servicing offer. want to know detail about it.

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  • I really hope that you find the root of the problem with the checks and that the $99 spend works out well for you :). I don’t know if I have an out of the ordinary confession this week! I guess I walked 7km to my running club to save $3.60 and then had trouble keeping up in the run as my legs already has 7km in them!
    Forest recently posted..Frugal Zeitgeist is crap…. But that is going to change!

  • Amy

    I read this morning’s article in the Chron. I am concerned that I purchased the same deal – I definitely do not want to have the same experience.

    Please tell me, was this the deal you purchased? Air Duct USA via Living Social?


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